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Archives: 2006 - 2007

Executive Committee Members:

This table contains a list of Executive Committee members of Faculty Senate
Name School/Division/Department Term

 Harpur College

Gary James (Chair)
Decker School of Nursing 2005-2006 (FSEC)
2006-2008 (FSEC)
Howard Brown
Harpur/Social Sciences/History 2002-2004 (Senate)
Spring 2005(Senate)
2005-2007 (FSEC)
John Arthur
Tim Perry
2005-2006 (FSEC)
2006-2007 (FSEC)
Susan Strehle
Karen Kozlowski (Spring 2007)
Harpur/Humanities/English 2002-2004 (Senate)
2004-2005 (Senate)
2005-Fall 2006 (FSEC)
Laura Anderson
Harpur/Science & Mathematics/Mathematical Sciences 2005-2007 (FSEC)
H. Richard Naslund
Harpur/Science & Mathematics/Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies 2004-2006 (Senate)
2006-2008 (FSEC)
Sandra Michael
Harpur/Science & Mathematics/Biological Sciences 2002-2004 (Senate)
2004-2006 (FSEC)
2006-2008 (FSEC)
Thomas Wilson
Linda Wong (Spring 2007)
Harpur/Social Sciences/Anthropology 2006-2008 (FSEC)
MIchael Conlon
Andrew Scholtz(Fall 2006)
Harpur/Humanities/English 2006-2008 (FSEC)
Ricardo Laremont
Harpur/Social Sciences/Sociology 2005-2007 (FSEC)
Caryl Ward
Libraries 2005-2007 (FSEC)
Beverly Rainforth Graduate School of Education 2005-2007 (FSEC)
Sal Agnihothri
School of Management 2005-2007 (FSEC)
Richard Eckert
Watson/Computer Science 2006-2008 (FSEC)
Douglas Summerville
Watson/Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-2008 (FSEC)

Ex officio voting members (if not already an elected member as listed above):

This table contains a list of Ex officio voting members
Susan Strehle (Fall 2006)
Sandra Michael (Spring 2007)
Chair, Faculty Senate
Sandra Michael (Fall 2006)
H. Richard Naslund (Spring 2007)
Vice Chair, Faculty Senate
Peter Knuepfer
(term expires June 30, 2007)
University Faculty Senator

Non-voting observer:

This table contains a list of non-voting observers
Nadia Rubaii-Barrett*
College of Community & Public Affairs/Public Administration


Department of Health, Physical Education and Athletics

*Observer Status until Faculty Bylaws are revised.

University Faculty Senate

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