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2010 - 2011 Executive Committee Members

This table contains a list of Executive Committee members of Faculty Senate
Thomas Sinclair College of Community & Public Affairs/Public Administration 2009-2011 (FSEC)
Gale Spencer Decker School of Nursing

2010-2012 (FSEC)

Luiza Moreira Harpur/Humanities/Comparative Literature

2010-2011 (FSEC)

Susan Strehle Harpur/Humanities/English 2010-2012(FSEC)
Rosmarie Morewedge Harpur/Humanities/German and Russian Studies 2009-2011 (FSEC)
Marcin Mazur Harpur/Science & Mathematics/Mathematical Sciences 2009-2011 (FSEC)
Alistair Lees Harpur/Science & Mathematics/Chemistry 2010-2012 (FSEC)
Srinivasa Venugopalan Harpur/Science & Mathematics/Physics 2009-2011 (FSEC)
Solomon Polachek Harpur/Social Sciences/Economics 2010-2012 (FSEC)
Norah Henry Harpur/Social Sciences/Geography 2009-2011 (FSEC)
Richard Lee (Chair) Harpur/Social Sciences/Sociology 2009-2012 (FSEC)
Sarah Maximiek Libraries 2009-2011 (FSEC)
Karen Bromley Graduate School of Education 2009-2011 (FSEC)
Sara Reiter School of Management 2009-2011 (FSEC)
George Catalano Watson/Bioengineering 2010-2012 (FSEC)
Lijun Yin Watson/Computer Science 2010-2012 (FSEC)

Ex officio voting members (if not already an elected member as listed above):

This table contains a list of Ex officio voting members
Sara Reiter Chair, Faculty Senate
Luiza Moreira Vice Chair, Faculty Senate
Randall McGuire University Faculty Senator
Peter Knuepfer University Faculty Senator

Non-voting observer:

This table contains a list of non-voting observers
Gary Truce Division of Health and Physical Education


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