REVIEW: Table of Contents by Issue

Volume I, Number 1, Summer 1977

Immanuel Wallerstein
The Tasks of Historical Social Science: An Editorial
Karl Polanyi
The Economistic Fallacy
Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie
Occitania in Historical Perspective
Huri Islamoglu and Çaglar Keyder
Agenda for Ottoman History
Anouar Abdel-Malek
East Wind
The Contemporary World-Economy
Terence K. Hopkins
Notes on Class Analysis and World-System
Folker Fröbel, Jurgen Heinrichs, and Otto Kreye
The Tendency Towards a New International Division of Labor
Andre Gunder Frank
Long Live Transideological Enterprise! The Socialist Economies in the Capitalist International Division of Labor

Volume I, Number 2, Fall 1977

Alan R. Richards
Primitive Accumulation in Egypt, 1798-1882
Marco Cattini
Congiuntura economica, gettiti fiscali ed indebitamento publico in un comune rurale del Basso Modenese
Arghiri Emmanuel
Gains and Losses from the International Division of Labor
Research Proposal
Patterns of Development of the Modern World-System
Bernard Magubane
The Poverty of Liberal Analysis: A Polemic on Southern Africa

Volume I, Number 3/4, Winter/Spring 1978

The Impact of the Annales School on the Social Sciences
The Editors
Introductory Note
Immanuel Wallerstein
Annales as Resistance
Jacques Revel
The Annales: Continuities and Discontinuities
Traian Stoianovich
Social History: Perspective of the Annales Paradigm
Maurice Aymard
Impact of the Annales School in Mediterranean Countries
Halil Inalcik
Impact of the Annales School on Ottoman Studies and New Findings
Krzysztof Pomian
Impact of the Annales School in Eastern Europe
Alfred Dubuc
The Influence of the Annales School in Quebec
Peter Burke
Reflections on the Historical Revolution in France> The Annales School and British Social History
Eric J. Hobsbawm
Richard Mowery Andrews
Some Implications of the Annales School and its Methods for a Revision of Historical Writing About the United States
H. L. Wesseling
The Annales School and the Writing of Contemporary History
Andre Burguiere
The New Annales: A Redefinition of the Late 1960's
Charles Tilly
Anthropology, History, and the Annales
George Huppert
The Annales School Before the Annales
Norman Birnbaum
The Annales School and Social Theory
Fernand Braudel
En guise de conclusion

Volume II, Number 1, Summer 1978

Georges Haupt
Why the History of the Working-Class Movement?
Kathleen Gough
Agrarian Relations in Southeast India, 1750-1976
M. I. Finley
Empire in the Graeco-Roman World
Slavery and Capitalism
Paula Beiguelman
The Destruction of Modern Slavery: A Theoretical Issue
Sidney W. Mintz
Was the Plantation Slave a Proletarian?
Romania: Early Theorists of Development
Henri H. Stahl
Theories de C. D. Gherea sur les lois de la penetration du capitalisme dans les "pays retardataires"
Daniel Chirot
A Romanian Prelude to Contemporary Debates about Development

Volume II, Number 2, Fall 1978

Jonathan Friedman
Crises in Theory and Transformations of the World Economy
The Ancien Regime
Ernest Labrousse
A View of the Allocation of Agricultural Expansion Among Social Classes
Nancy Fitch
The Demographic and Economic Effects of Seventeenth-Century Wars: The Case of the Bourbonnais, France
Mike Davis
"Fordism" in Crisis: A Review of Michel Aglietta's Regulation et crises: L'experience des Etats-Unis

Volume II, Number 3, Winter 1979

Andre Gunder Frank
Unequal Accumulation: Intermediate, Semi-Peripheral, and Sub-Imperialist Economies
Dale Tomich
The Dialectic of Colonialism and Culture: The Origins of the Negritude of Aime Cesaire
The Ottoman Empire and the World-Economy
Immanuel Wallerstein
The Ottoman Empire and the Capitalist World-Economy: Some
Questions for Research
Huri Islamoglu and Suraiya Faroqhi
Crop Patterns and Agricultural Production Trends in Sixteenth-Century Anatolia
Benjamin Braude
International Competition and Domestic Cloth in the Ottoman Empire, 1500-1650: A Study in Undevelopment
Books on Capitalism
Frederick C. Lane
The Modern Whole as a Trichotomy
Ernest Gellner
The Withering Away of the Dentistry State
Marion K. Pinsdorf and Immanuel Wallerstein
Let A Hundred Languages Bloom: An Exchange of Correspondence



Volume II, Number 4, Spring 1979

Cycles and Trends
Research Working Group on Cyclical Rhythms and Secular Trends
Cyclical Rhythms and Secular Trends of the Capitalist World-Economy: Some Premises, Hypotheses, and Questions
Nicole Bousquet
Esquisse d'une theorie de l'alternance de periodes de concurrence et d'hegemonie au centre de l'economie-monde capitaliste
N. D. Kondratieff
The Long Waves in Economic Life
Krzysztof Pomian
The Secular Evolution of the Concept of Cycles
Fernand Braudel
A Model for the Analysis of the Decline of Italy
Immanuel Wallerstein
Kondratieff Up or Kondratieff Down?
Kenneth Barr
Long Waves: A Selective, Annotated Bibliography

Volume III, Number 1, Summer 1979

Rodney Hilton
Towns in English Feudal Society
Georges Haupt
In What Sense and to What Degree Was the Russian Revolution a Proletarian Revolution?
Anouar Abdel-Malek
Historical Surplus-Value
Jean Copans
In Search of Lost Theory: Marxism and Structuralism Within French Anthropology
E. Fernandez de Pinedo
Un cas regional avec faible pression fiscale: le Pays Basque peninsulaire
Serfdom and Capitalism in East Elbia
Johannes Nichtweiss
The Second Serfdom and the So-Called "Prussian Way": The Development of Capitalism in Eastern German Agricultural Institutions
Jürgen Kuczynski
Commentary on Johannes Nichtweiss
Johannes Nichtweiss
In Answer to Jürgen Kuczynski

Volume III, Number 2, Fall 1979

The Incorporation of Southern Africa into the World-Economy, 1800-1940
The Process of Peripheralization
Giovanni Arrighi
Peripheralization of Southern Africa, I: Changes in Production Process
Immanuel Wallerstein and William G. Martin
Peripheralization of Southern Africa, II: Changes in Household Structure and Labor-Force Formation
Three Case Studies
Marcia Wright
I. The Reluctant Integration of Zimbabwe, 1852-1908
Ian Phimister
Kapepwa Anse Tambila
Leroy Vail and Landeg White
II. The Struggle for Mozambique: Capitalist Rivalries, 1900-40
Jeanne Penvenne
Charles van Onselen
III. The World the Mineowners Made: Social Themes in the Economic Transformation of the Witwatersrand, 1886-1914
Frederick Johnstone
Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri
Theoretical Implications
Giovanni Arrighi, John Higginson, Bernard Magubane, John Saul, and Immanuel Wallerstein
A Roundtable Discussion

Volume III, Number 3, Winter 1980

Ramkrishna Mukherjee
On the Appraisal of Social Reality and Thus the "Quality of Life"
Peter McPhee
A Case-Study of Internal Colonization: The Francisation of Northern Catalonia
Ashok V. Desai
Population and Standards of Living in Akbar's Time: A Second Look
Ernest Feder
The Odious Competition Between Man and Animal over Agricultural Resources in the Underdeveloped Countries
Georg Elwert and Diana Wong
Subsistence Production and Commodity Production in the Third World

Volume III, Number 4, Spring 1980

Pierre Vilar
Spain and Catalonia
Çaglar Keyder
Credit and Peripheral Structuration: Turkey in the 1920's
The Scottish Example
T. C. Smout
Scotland and England: Is Dependency a Symptom or a Cause of Underdevelopment?
Immanuel Wallerstein
One Man's Meat: The Scottish Great Leap Forward

Volume IV, Number 1, Summer 1980

Janos M. Bak
Serfs and Serfdom: Words and Things
Henri Lefebvre
Marxism Exploded
Claudia von Werlhof
Notes on the Relation Between Sexuality and Economy
Scotland and Africa
Cedric Robinson
Notes Toward a "Native" Theory of History
George Shepperson
Ourselves as Others: Some Comments on Cedric Robinson on George Shepperson
Civilizations and Their Declines
Johan Galtung, Tore Heiestad, and Erik Rudeng
On the Decline and Fall of Empires: The Roman Empire and Western Imperialism Compared
Samir Amin
Revolution ou decadence? La crise du systeme imperialiste contemporain et celle de l'Empire romain

Volume IV, Number 2, Fall 1980

James F. Petras and Morris H. Morley
The U.S. Imperial State
Hillel Levine
Gentry, Jews, and Serfs: The Rise of Polish Vodka
The Beginnings of Capitalism
Jaime Torras
Class Struggle in Catalonia: A Note on Brenner
Frank Perlin
Precolonial South Asia and Western Penetration in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries: A Problem of Epistemological Status
Philip McMichael
Settlers and Primitive Accumulation: Foundations of Capitalism in Australia

Volume IV, Number 3, Winter 1981

Chicano Labor and Unequal Development
Chicano Political Economy Collective
Tomas Almaguer
Interpreting Chicano History: The World-System Approach to Nineteenth-Century California
Jorge Chapa
Wage Labor in the Periphery: Silver Mining in Colonial Mexico
Andres E. Jimenez
The Political Formation of a Mexican Working Class in the Arizona Copper Industry, 1870-1917
Larry Trujillo
Race, Class, Labor, and Community: A Local History of Capitalist Development
David Montejano
Is Texas Bigger than the World-System? A Critique from a Provincial Point of View
Douglas F. Dowd
The ChPEC Papers: A Comment

Volume IV, Number 4, Spring 1981

Statement on the Death of Walter Rodney
Walter Rodney
Plantation Society in Guyana
Marion Malowist
Merchant Credit and the Putting-Out System: Rural Production During the Middle Ages
Alfred Kleinknecht
Innovation, Accumulation, and Crisis: Long Waves in Economic Development?
John Borrego
Metanational Capitalist Accumulation and the Emerging Paradigm of Revolutionist Accumulation

Volume V, Number 1, Summer 1981

Peter J. Taylor
Geographical Scales within the World-Economy Approach
Bipan Chandra
Karl Marx, His Theories of Asian Societies, and Colonial Rule
Eastern Europe and the World-System
Silviu Brucan
The Strategy of Development in Eastern Europe
Andras Koves
Socialist Economy and the World-Economy

Volume V, Number 2, Fall 1981

Alexandre Faire
The Strategies of Economic Redeployment in the West
Serge-Christophe Kolm
Liberal Transition to Socialism: Theory and Difficulties
K. N. Chaudhuri
The World-System East of Longitude 20: The European Role in Asia, 1500-1750
Niels Steensgaard
Violence and the Rise of Capitalism: Frederic C. Lane's Theory of Protection and Tribute
Glyn Williams
Economic Development, Social Structure, and Contemporary Nationalism in Wales
Henryk Samsonowicz
"Suburbium" in the Late Middle Ages: The Economic and Social Importance of Suburbs in East-Central Europe

Volume V, Number 3, Winter 1982

Michel-Rolph Trouillot
Motion in the System: Coffee, Color, and Slavery in Eighteenth-Century Saint-Domingue
Romila Thapar
Ideology and the Interpretation of Early Indian History
Susantha Goonatilake
Colonies: Scientific Expansion (and Contraction)
Immanuel Wallerstein, William G. Martin, and Torry Dickinson
Household Structures and Production Processes: Preliminary Theses and Findings
The Chinese Path to Development
Johan Galtung
Is There a Chinese Strategy of Development? A Contribution to an Everlasting Debate
Mark Selden
The Inner Logic of Chinese Development

Volume V, Number 4, Spring 1982

Folker Fröbel
The Current Development of the World-Economy: Reproduction of Labor and Accumulation of Capital on a World Scale
Ricardo Campos and Frank Bonilla
Bootstraps and Enterprise Zones: The Underside of Late Capitalism in Puerto Rico and the United States
Professionals of Violence and the World-System
John Casparis
The Swiss Mercenary System: Labor Emigration from the Semiperiphery
Carlo Giuseppe Rossetti
Banditismo politico: Terre e guerra civile nella Sardegna del XIX secolo

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