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Volume VI, Number 1, Summer 1982

M. Sultan-Galiev
The Social Revolution and the East
Eastern Europe and the World-System
Karoly Niyiri
Towards an Integrated International Division of Labor: The Place of the World Socialist Economy
Hans-Heinrich Nolte
The Position of Eastern Europe in the International System in Early Modern Times
The Ancient World
Kajsa Ekholm and Jonathan Friedman
"Capital" Imperialism and Exploitation in Ancient World-Systems
Iva Biezunska-Malowist
Ancient Slavery Reconsidered

Volume VI, Number 2, Fall 1982

Maurice Aymard
From Feudalism to Capitalism in Italy: The Case That Doesn't Fit
Sidney W. Mintz
Descrying the Peasantry
Transnational Corporations
Tamas Szentes
The TNC Issue: Naive Illusions or Exorcism and Lip-Service?
Kari Levitt-Polanyi
A Memoir: Stephen Hymer and the Multinational Corporation

Volume VI, Number 3, Winter 1983

Giovanni Arrighi, Terence K. Hopkins, and Immanuel Wallerstein
Rethinking the Concepts of Class and Status-Group in a World-System Perspective
Paula Beiguelman
The Destruction of Modern Slavery: The Brazilian Case
Cedric J. Robinson
C.L.R. James and the Black Radical Tradition
Robert Ross and Kent Trachte
Global Cities and Global Classes: The Peripheralization of Labor in New York City

Volume VI, Number 4, Spring 1983

Laszlo Makkai
Ars Historica: On Braudel
Richard Roehl
Britain and European Industrialization: Pathfinder Pursued?
Carl A. Hanson
The European "Renovation" and the Luso-Atlantic Economy, 1560-1715
The Geometry of Imperialism
Ramkrishna Mukherjee
Letter to Giovanni Arrighi
Giovanni Arrighi
Reply to Ramkrishna Mukherjee

Volume VII, Number 1, Summer 1983

Mohamed S. Sfia
The World Capitalist System and the Transition to Socialism
Nicoletta Stame
Poland: The Logic of Two Antisystemic Movements
Çaglar Keyder
Small Peasant Ownership in Turkey: Historical Formation and Present Structure
Marlene Dixon, Elizabeth Martinez, and Ed McCaughan
Chicanas and Mexicanas Within a Transnational Working Class: Theoretical Perspectives
Alejandro Portes
The Informal Sector: Definition, Controversy, and Relation to National Development

Volume VII, Number 2, Fall 1983

The Household and the Large-Scale Agricultural Unit
Petra Ulshofer
Household and Enterprise: Towards a New Model of the Plantation
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
Antebellum Southern Households: A New Perspective on a Familiar Question
Albert Meyers
Household, Labor Relations, and Reproductive Strategies Among Small Cane Farmers in Jamaica
Georg Stauth
Capitalist Farming and Small Peasant Households in Egypt
Claudia von Werlhof
Production Relations Without Wage Labor and Labor Division by Sex

Volume VII, Number 3, Winter 1984

Charles Tilly
The Old New Social History and the New Old Social History
R. W. Connell
Class Formation on a World Scale
Long Waves
Nils Jacobsen
Cycles and Booms in Latin American Export Agriculture: The Example of Southern Peru's Livestock Economy, 1855-1920
Ernesto Screpanti
Long Economic Cycles and Recurring Proletarian Insurgencies

Volume VII, Number 4, Spring 1984

Long Waves in History
Immanuel Wallerstein
Long Waves as Capitalist Process
Michel Morineau
Juglar, Kitchin, Kondratieff, et compagnie
Rainer Metz
Long Waves in Coinage and Grain Price-Series from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Century: Some Theoretical and Methodological Aspects
Dominique Margairaz
Les specificites regionales des mouvements conjoncturels des prix cerealiers en France, 1756-1870
Rod Coombs
Long Waves and Labor-Process Change
Andrew Tylecote
Towards an Explanation of the Long Wave, 1780-2000

Volume VIII, Number 1, Summer 1984

Samir Amin
Income Distribution in the Capitalist System
Chibuzo Nnate Nwoke
World Mining Rent: An Extension of Marx's Theories
Alvin Y. So
The Process of Incorporation into the Capitalist World-System: The Case of China in the Nineteenth Century
Sharon Stichter
The Impact of the Depression on Workers' Movements in East and Central Africa, 1936
Terry Boswell and Diane Mitsch Bush
Labor Force Composition and Union Organizing in the Arizona Copper Industry: A Comment on Jimenez

Volume VIII, Number 2, Fall 1984

The Struggle for Liberation in Southern Africa
Immanuel Wallerstein
Aquino de Braganca and Bridget O'Laughlin
The Work of Ruth First in the Centre of African Studies: The Development Course
John S. Saul
Development Studies for Social Change in Southern Africa
Bernard Magubane
The Mounting Class and National Struggles in South Africa
Harold Wolpe
Strategic Issues in the Struggle for National Liberation in South Africa
Jeanne Marie Penvenne
Labor Struggles at the Port of Lourenco Marques, 1900-33

Volume VIII, Number 3, Winter 1985

Dorothy Dee Vellenga
Women, Households, and Food Commodity Chains in Southern Ghana
Serge-Christophe Kolm
Petrole: Le tentacule cache
Ferenc Feher
The French Revolution: Between Class Identity and Universalist Illusion
From Ottoman Empire to Modern State
Murat Cizakca
Incorporation of the Middle East into the European World-Economy
Korkut Boratav, A. Gunduz Okcun, and Sevket Pamuk
Ottoman Wages and the World-Economy, 1839-1913
Faruk Birtek
Rise and Fall of Etatism in Turkey, 1932-50: The Uncertain Road in the Restructuring of a Semiperipheral Economy

Volume VIII, Number 4, Spring 1985

Quantitative Studies of the World-System
Christopher Chase-Dunn
Charles C. Ragin
Knowledge and Interests in the Study of the Modern World-System
Pat McGowan
Pitfalls and Promise in the Quantitative Study of the World-System: A Reanalysis of Bergesen and Schoenberg's "Long Waves" of Colonialism
Albert Bergesen
How to Model the Cyclical Dynamics of the World-System: A Reply to Pat McGowan
Ronald Schoenberg
Statistical Models Must Be Appropriate: A Reply to Pat McGowan
Roger J. Nemeth and David A. Smith
International Trade and World-System Structure: A Multiple Network Analysis
Kathryn B. Ward
The Social Consequences of the World Economic System: The Economic Status of Women and Fertility
Albert Bergesen and Chintamani Sahoo
Evidence of the Decline of American Hegemony in World Production

Volume IX, Number 1, Summer 1985

Luca Meldolesi
Critical Economics and Long-Term History: An Introduction
A.R.T. Kemasang
How Dutch Colonialism Foreclosed a Domestic Bourgeoisie in Java: The 1740 Chinese Massacres Reappraised
Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch
Les conditions de la dependance: histoire du sous-developpement africain
On Peripheries
Poul Engberg-Pedersen
The Periphery in the Institutionalization of a New International Order
Slawomir Magala
Double Peripheralization

Volume IX, Number 2, Fall 1985

Silviu Brucan
Market, Socialism, and Revolution
Francois Simiand
Historical Method and Social Science
Richard Price
The Dark Complete World of a Caribbean Store: A Note on the World-System
Albert Broder
Investissements etrangers, commerce exterieur, et croissance dans la semiperipherie europeene: Le cas de l'Espagne contemporaine
Romano Madera
Fetishism Theory: From Vico to Marx
Mark Selden
Vietnam: The Origins of Revolution
Philip McMichael
Class Formation in a World-Historical Perspective: Lessons from Australian History
Carlo Poni
Proto-Industrialization, Rural and Urban

Volume IX, Number 3, Winter 1986

Fernand Braudel, 1902-85
Alfred W. Crosby
Biotic Change in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand
Marietta Morrissey
Women's Work, Family Formation, and Reproduction Among Caribbean Slaves
James McCann
Household Economy, Demography, and the "Push" Factor in Northern Ethiopian History, 1916-35
Silvio R. Duncan Baretta and John Markoff
The Limits of the Brazilian Revolution of 1930
Richard Tardanico
The Mexican State and the World Crisis, 1929-34
Urs Muller-Plantenberg
The Possible Historical and Political Significance of the Third Great Depression

Volume IX, Number 4, Spring 1986

Angelo Reati
The Rate of Profit and the Organic Composition of Capital in the Post-1945 Long Wave: The Case of British Industry from 1959 to 1981
Bernadette Madeuf
Du paradoxe à l'auto-organisation: Pour une nouvelle approche de l'economie mondiale
Slawomir Magala
The Global Transformation
Romanian Transformations
Henri H. Stahl
The Romanian Tributary System
David Prodan
Serfdom in Sixteenth-Century Transylvania

Volume X, Number 1, Summer 1986

Anniversary Issue: The Work of the Fernand Braudel Center
Immanuel Wallerstein
Giovanni Arrighi and Jessica Drangel
The Stratification of the World-Economy: An Exploration of the Semiperipheral Zone
Randall H. McGuire, Joan Smith, and William G. Martin
Patterns of Household Structures and the World-Economy
William G. Martin
Southern Africa and the World-Economy: Cyclical and Structural Constraints on Transformation
Resat Kasaba, Çaglar Keyder, and Faruk Tabak
Eastern Mediterranean Port Cities and their Bourgeoisies: Merchants, Political Projects, and Nation-States
Research Working Group on World Labor
Global Patterns of Labor Movements in Historical Perspective
Terence K. Hopkins and Immanuel Wallerstein
Commodity Chains in the World-Economy Prior to 1800
Ravi Palat, Kenneth Barr, James Matson, Vinay Bahl, and Nesar Ahmad
The Incorporation and Peripheralization of South Asia, 1600-1950

Volume X, Number 2, Fall 1986

William H. McNeill
Organizing Concepts for World History
Hans-Heinrich Nolte
The Netherlands and Russia in the Seventeenth Century: Economic and Social Relations
Yda Saueressig-Schreuder
The Impact of British Colonial Rule on the Urban Hierarchy of Burma
Robert Fatton, Jr.
The Democratization of Senegal (1976-1983): "Passive Revolution" and the Democratic Limits of Liberal Democracy
Watermills and Social Structure: Two Contrasting Views
Jordi Maluquer de Motes
El agua en el crecimiento de los siglos XVII y XVIII: Derechos de propriedad y utilizaciones catalán de los energéticas
Pierre Dockès
"Grands" moulins hydrauliques, rapports sociaux et systemes d'exploitation

Volume X, Number 3, Winter 1987

Giovanni Arrighi, Terence K. Hopkins, and Immanuel Wallerstein
The Liberation of Class Struggle?
Michel Beaud
The Crisis of Development in the Light of Economic-Systems Analysis
Samir Amin
A Note on the Concept of Delinking
Anouar Abdel-Malek
World Crises and World Transformation
Hans-Dieter Evers and Tilman Schiel
Exchange, Trade, and State: A Theoretical Outline
Marta Petrusewicz
Wage-Earners But Not Proletarians
Long Waves
Solomos Solomou
Kondratieff Long Waves in Economic Growth, 1850-1913
Louis Fontvieille
The Labor Force in Long-Term Fluctuations

Volume X, Number 4, Spring 1987

Multiple Peripheries
Carol A. Smith
Regional Analysis in World-System Perspective: A Critique of Three Structural Theories of Uneven Development
Giovanni Arrighi and Fortunata Piselli
Capitalist Development in Hostile Environments: Feuds, Class Struggles, and Migrations in a Peripheral Region of Southern Italy

Volume X, Number 5/6 (Supplement), Summer/Fall 1987

Incorporation into the World-Economy: How the World-System Expands
Terence K. Hopkins and Immanuel Wallerstein
Capitalism and the Incorporation of New Zones into the World-Economy
Peter D. Phillips
Incorporation of the Caribbean, 1650-1700
Resat Kasaba
Incorporation of the Ottoman Empire, 1750-1820
William G. Martin
Incorporation of Southern Africa, 1870-1920
Terence K. Hopkins and Immanuel Wallerstein
A Concluding Note

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