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Volume XI, Number 1, Winter 1988

Development Debate
Dieter Senghaas
European Development and the Third World: An Assessment
Samir Amin
Comment on Senghaas
Ferenc Feher
The Sphinx of the Revolution
Aquino de Braganca and Jacques Depelchin
From the Idealization of Frelimo to the Understanding of Mozambique Recent History

Volume XI, Number 2, Spring 1988

Ottoman Empire: Nineteenth-Century Transformations
Çaglar Keyder
Part I: Perspectives on Method
Sevket Pamuk
The Ottoman Empire in Comparative Perspective
Çaglar Keyder
Bureaucracy and Bourgeoisie: Reform and Revolution in the Age of Imperialism
Part II: Processes of Incorporation
Donald Quataert
Ottoman Handicrafts and Industry in the Age of Imperialism
Faruk Tabak
Local Merchants in Peripheral Areas of the Empire: The Fertile Crescent during the Long Nineteenth Century
Resat Kasaba
Was There a Comprador Bourgeoisie in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Western Anatolia?
Part III: Imperial Designs and War
Kostas Vergopoulos
La "Grande Depression" europeenne et la crise d'Orient, 1875-1900
Rashid I. Khalidi
The Economic Partition of the Arab Provinces of the Ottoman Empire before the First World War
Feroz Ahmad
War and Society under the Young Turks, 1908-18

Volume XI, Number 3, Summer 1988

Peter Waterman
The New Internationalisms: A More Real Thing Than Big, Big Coke?
Cyrus Bina
Internationalization of the Oil Industry: Simple Oil Shocks or Structural Crisis?
Methodology of Long Cycles: A Debate
James B. Taylor
Long Waves in Six Nations: Results and Speculations from a New Methodology
Howard Brill
Stepwise Polynomial Regression: Royal Road or Detour?
James B. Taylor
The Troubles with Cycles: A Reply to Brill

Volume XI, Number 4, Fall 1988

Samuel Bowles
Class versus World-Systems Analysis? Epitaph for a False Opposition
Joseph L. Love
Theorizing Underdevelopment: Latin America and Romania, 1860-1950
Nicole Bousquet
The Decolonization of Spanish America in the Early Nineteenth Century: A World-Systems Approach
Mark Selden
City versus Countryside? The Social Consequences of Development Choices in China
Peter J. Taylor
Alternative Geography: A Supportive Note on Arrighi and Drangel
Immanuel Wallerstein
Typology of Crises in the World-System

Volume XII, Number 1, Winter 1989

Christian Suter
Long Waves in the International Financial System: Debt-Default Cycles of Sovereign Borrowers
Jonathan Friedman
Culture, Identity, and World Process
John Foran
The Making of an External Arena: Iran's Place in the World-System, 1500-1722
Robert M. Rosh
Antarctica's Increasing Incorporation into the World-System
Debate on South Asia
Sanjay Subrahmanyam
"World-Economies" and South Asia, 1600-1750: A Skeptical Note
Ravi Arvind Palat
A Rejoinder to Subrahmanyam

Volume XII, Number 2, Spring 1989

Constantine V. Vaitsos
Radical Technological Changes and the New "Order" in the World-Economy
Giovanni Arrighi, Terence K. Hopkins, and Immanuel Wallerstein
1886-1986: Beyond Haymarket?
Semiperiphery or Core?
Daniel Glenday
Rich but Semiperipheral: Canada's Ambiguous Position in the World-Economy
Philip Resnick
From Semiperiphery to Perimeter of the Core: Canada's Place in the Capitalist World-Economy
Malcolm Alexander
Conservatism, Counterrevolution, and Semiperipheral Politics: Australia and Argentina in the Interwar Period

Volume XII, Number 3, Summer 1989

The French Revolution and the World-System
Patrick Karl O'Brien
The Impact of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1793-1815, on the Long-Run Growth of the British Economy
Josep Fontana
Catalonia, 1808-14: How to Name a War
Maurice Agulhon
The Heritage of the Revolution and Liberty in France
Patrice Higonnet
Jacobinism and the World-System

Volume XII, Number 4, Fall 1989

Alfred Kleinknecht
Post-1945 Growth as a Schumpeter Boom
Raymond G. Micah
The Food Question in Ghana: Development Strategies and Policies
Geoffrey C. Gunn
Approaches to Tai-Lao Studies: From Orientalism to Marxism
Ulf Jonsson and Ronny Pettersson
Friends or Foes? Peasants, Capitalists, and Markets in West European Agriculture, 1850-1939

Volume XIII, Number 1, Winter 1990

Christopher Chase-Dunn
Resistance to Imperialism: Semiperipheral Actors
Peter J. Taylor
Britain's Changing Role in the World-Economy
Teshale Tibebu
On the Question of Feudalism, Absolutism, and the Bourgeois Revolution

Volume XIII, Number 2, Spring 1990

Andre Gunder Frank
A Theoretical Introduction to 5000 Years of World System History
World-Systems Theory 15 Years On: What Have We Learned?
Walter Goldfrank
Current Issues in World-Systems Theory
Harriet Friedmann
Rethinking Capitalism and Hierarchy
Fred Block
Capitalism versus Socialism in World-Systems Theory
Janet Abu-Lughod
Restructuring the Premodern World-System
Immanuel Wallerstein
World-Systems Analysis: The Second Phase

Volume XIII, Number 3, Summer 1990

Silviu Brucan
Historical Evolution of Classes and Class Policy in the U.S.S.R.
Etienne Balibar
The Nation Form: History and Ideology
On Hegemony
Giovanni Arrighi
The Three Hegemonies of Historical Capitalism
Terence K. Hopkins
Note on the Concept of Hegemony

Volume XIII, Number 4, Fall 1990

Bernard Mommer
Oil Rent and Rent Capitalism: The Example of Venezuela
Gueorgui Derluguian
Social Decomposition and Armed Violence in Post-Colonial Mozambique
Developmentalist Theory Before 1945 (Part I)
Michael Merrill
The Anticapitalist Origins of the United States
Jean-Yves Grenier
La notion de croissance dans la pensee economique francaise au 18e siecle (1715-89)

Volume XIV, Number 1, Winter 1991

Jose Carlos Escudero
The Logic of the Biosphere, the Logic of Capitalism: Nutrition in Latin America
Anthropology: Paradise Lost?
Michel-Rolph Trouillot
Anthropology as Metaphor: The Savage's Legacy and the Postmodern World
Anjan Ghosh
The Stricture of Structure, or the Appropriation of Anthropological Theory
Developmentalist Theory Before 1945 (Part II)
Bipan Chandra
Colonial India: British versus Indian Views of Development

Volume XIV, Number 2, Spring 1991

Ganeshwar Chand
The United States and the Origins of the Trusteeship System Long Waves: Theory and Data
Louis Fontvieille
Long Cycle Theory: Dialectical and Historical Analysis
David M. Gordon
Inside and Outside the Long Swing: The Endogeneity/Exogeneity Debate and the Social Structures of Accumulation Approach
Arnulf Grubler and Nebojsa Nakicenovic
Long Waves, Technology Diffusion, and Substitution

Volume XIV, Number 3, Summer 1991

Samir Amin
The Ancient World-Systems versus the Modern Capitalist World-System
Peter J. Taylor
Political Geography Within World-Systems Analysis
Lanny Thompson
The Structures and Vicissitudes of Reproduction: Households in Mexico, 1876-1970
Jon Davies
Letter from Tyneside, in the Semiperiphery of the Semicore: A U.K. Experience
Developmentalist Theory Before 1945 (Part III)
Dieter Senghaas
Friedrich List and the Basic Problems of Modern Development

Volume XIV, Number 4, Fall 1991

Bolívar Echeverría
Modernidad y capitalismo: Quince tesis
Robert A. Denemark
The State in Zambia and Chile: The Role of Linkage to the World-Economy
Dave Broad
Global Economic Restructuring and the (Re)Casualization of Work in the Center: With Canadian Illustrations

Volume XV, Number 1, Winter 1992

The "New Science" and the Historical Social Sciences
Immanuel Wallerstein
The Challenge of Maturity: Whither Social Science?
Boaventura de Sousa Santos
A Discourse on the Sciences
Pauline Rosenau
Modern and Post-Modern Science: Some Contrasts
Isabelle Stengers
Les "nouvelles sciences," modèles ou défi?
Richard Lee
Readings in the "New Science": A Selective Annotated Bibliography

Volume XV, Number 2, Spring 1992

Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas
Between Marx and Braudel: Making History, Knowing History
Giovanni Arrighi, Terence K. Hopkins, and Immanuel Wallerstein
1989, The Continuation of 1968
Ad M. van der Woude
The Future of West European Agriculture: An Exercise in Applied History
Fernando Garcia Arganaras
The Mechanisms of Accomodation: Bolivia, 1952-71

Volume XV, Number 3, Summer 1992

Comparing World-Systems
Christopher Chase-Dunn
The Comparative Study of World-Systems
Jonathan Friedman
General Historical and Culturally Specific Properties of Global Systems
Randall Collins
The Geopolitical and Economic World-Systems of Kinship-Based and Agrarian-Coercive Societies
Patricia O'Brien
The "World-System" of Cahokia within the Middle Mississippi Tradition
Richard Blanton, Stephen Kowalewski, and Gary Feinman
The Mesoamerican World-System
Steadman Upham, Gary Feinman, and Linda Nicholas
New Perspectives on the Southwest and Highland Mesoamerica: A Macroregional Approach
Mitchell Allen
The Mechanisms of Underdevelopment: An Ancient Mesopotamian Example
John Fitzpatrick
The Middle Kingdom, the Middle Sea, and the Geographical Pivot of History
K. P. Moseley
Caravel and Caravan: West Africa and the World-Economies, ca. 900-1900 AD

Volume XV, Number 4, Fall 1992

Two Views of World History
Immanuel Wallerstein
The West, Capitalism, and the Modern World-System
Barry K. Gills and Andre Gunder Frank
World System Cycles, Crises, and Hegemonial Shifts, 1700 BC to 1700 AD

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