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Volume XVI, Number 1, Winter 1993

Joan Smith
We Irish Women: Gender, History, and the World-Economy European Peripheries
Çaglar Keyder
The Dilemma of Cultural Identity on the Margin of Europe
Nuno Valerio
Local Economies and the World-Economy: Nineteenth Century Tras-os-Montes
Eric Vanhaute
Processes of Peripheralization in a Core Region: The Campine Area of Antwerp in the "Long" Nineteenth Century
Developmentalist Theory Before 1945 (Part IV)
Henri H. Stahl
Theories des processus de [modernisation] des Principautes Danubiennes et de l'ancien Royaume de Roumanie (1850-1920)

Volume XVI, Number 2, Spring 1993

Taimoon Stewart
The Third World Debt Crisis: A Long Waves Perspective
Alvaro Soto Carmona
Long Cycle of Social Conflict in Spain (1868-1986)
James A. Reilly
From Workshops to Sweatshops: Damascus Textiles and the World- Economy in the Last Ottoman Century
Luiz C. Barbosa
The World-System and the Destruction of the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest

Volume XVI, Number 3, Summer 1993

Peter Waterman
Social-Movement Unionism: A New Union Model for a New World Order?
Jean Batou
Nineteenth-Century Attempted Escapes from the Periphery: The Cases of Egypt and Paraguay
Michael S. Yoder
The Latin American Plantation System and the World-Economy: The Case of the Yucatecan Henequen Industry
Finland in the World-System
Yrjo Kaukiainen
Finland and the Core: Stages of Integration (c. 1600-1850)
Matti Peltonen
The Peasant Economy and the World Market: Finnish Peasant Farming in the Age of Agrarian Crises, 1880's-1910's

Volume XVI, Number 4, Fall 1993

Port-Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean, 1800-1914
The Editors
Resat Kasaba
Elena Frangakis-Syrett
A. Üner Turgay
Y. Eyüp Özveren
Basil C. Gounaris
Çaglar Keyder, Y. Eyüp Özveren, and Donald Quataert
Port-Cities in the Ottoman Empire: Some Theoretical and Historical Perspectives

Volume XVII, Number 1, Winter 1994

The Exogeneity/Endogeneity Debate
Andre Gunder Frank
Inside Out or Outside In?
Ernest Mandel
David M. Gordon
Feudalism/Capitalism in Japan
Stephen K. Sanderson
The Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism: The Theoretical Significance of the Japanese Case
Mark Metzler
Capitalist Boom, Feudal Bust: Long Waves in Economics and Politics in Pre-Industrial Japan

Volume XVII, Number 2, Spring 1994

William H. McNeill
The Fall of Great Powers: An Historical Commentary
William G. Martin
The World-Systems Perspective in Perspective: Assessing the Attempt to Move Beyond Nineteenth-Century Eurocentric Conceptions
Tariq Banuri
Noah's Ark or Jesus' Cross? UNCED as a Tale of Two Cities
Wilma A. Dunaway
The Southern Fur Trade and the Incorporation of Southern Appalachia into the World-Economy, 1690-1763
Jim Mac Laughlin
Emigration and the Peripheralization of Ireland in the Global Economy

Volume XVII, Number 3, Summer 1994

George Aseniero
South Korean and Taiwanese Development: The Transnational Context
Samir Amin
The Future of Global Polarization
World Cities
Ramón Grosfoguel
World Cities in the Caribbean: The Rise of Miami and San Juan
Çaglar Keyder & Ayse Öncü
Globalization of a Third-World Metropolis: Istanbul in the 1980's

Volume XVII, Number 4, Fall 1994

Mark Selden
Pathways from Collectivization: Socialist and Post-Socialist Agrarian Alternatives in Russia and China
Anouar Abdel-Malek
Historical Initiative: The New "Silk Road"
Rila Mukherjee
The Story of Kasimbazar: Silk Merchants and Commerce in Eighteenth-Century India
Patrizia Sione
Patterns of International Migration: Italian Silk Workers in New Jersey, USA

Volume XVIII, Number 1, Winter 1995

Labor Unrest in the World-Economy, 1870-1990
Beverly J. Silver, Giovanni Arrighi, and Melvyn Dubofsky
Part I: The World Labor Research Working Group Project: Research Design
Beverly J. Silver
Labor Unrest and World-Systems Analysis: Premises, Concepts, and Measurement
Jamie Faricellia Dangler
The Times (London) and the New York Times as Sources on World Labor Unrest
Part II: Country Reliability Studies
Giovanni Arrighi
Labor Unrest in Italy, 1880-1990
Mark Selden
Labor Unrest in China, 1831-1990
Mark Beittel
Labor Unrest in South Africa, 1870-1990
Roberto P. Korzeniewicz
Labor Unrest in Argentina, 1906-90
Donald Quataert
Labor Unrest in Egypt, 1906-90
Melvyn Dubofsky
Labor Unrest in the United States, 1906-90
John Casparis and Giovanni Arrighi
Labor Unrest in Germany, 1906-90
Part III: World-Scale Patterns
Beverly J. Silver
World-Scale Patterns of Labor-Capital Conflict: Labor Unrest, Long Waves, and Cycles of World Hegemony
World Labor Group
Data Collection Instructions
World Labor Group
Geographical Spread of Mentions of Labor Unrest, 1906-90

Volume XVIII, Number 2, Spring 1995

Terisa E. Turner and Craig S. Benjamin
Not in Our Nature: The Male Deal and Corporate Solutions to the Debt-Nature Crisis
Early Modern Europe
Hans-Heinrich Nolte
Internal Peripheries: From Andalucia to Tatarstan
Salvatore Ciriacono
Land Reclamation: Dutch Windmills, Private Enterprises, and State Intervention
Carl H.A. Dassbach, Nurhan Davutyan, Jianping Dong, and Barry Fay
Long Waves Prior to 1790: A Modest Contribution
On Historiography
Bernard Lepetit
Les Annales aujourd'hui
Ian Phimister
Africa Partitioned

Volume XVIII, Number 3, Summer 1995

Tony Porter
Innovation in Global Finance: Impact on Hegemony and Growth Since 1000 AD
Tieting Su
Changes in World Trade Networks: 1938, 1960, 1990
Terry Boswell and Joya Misra
Cycles and Trends in the Early Capitalist World-Economy: An Analysis of Leading Sector Commodity Trades, 1500-1600/50-1750
Said Chikhi
Question ouvrière et rapports sociaux en Algérie

Volume XVIII, Number 4, Fall 1995

Hayward R. Alker
If not Huntington's "Civilizations," Then Whose?
The World-System Seen in a Mexican Prism
Miguel De Oliver
Structural Consolidation: The Colorado Delta Region, 1900-10
Kathleen C. Schwartzman
The Historical and Global Nature of Dependent Development: A Time Series Analysis of Brazil and Mexico, 1901-80
Edward J. McCaughan
National Autonomy in the New World Order: Perspectives from Cuba and Mexico
Pablo González Casanova
Lo Particular y lo universal a fines del siglo XX

Volume XIX, Number 1, Winter 1996

Ilya Prigogine
The Laws of Chaos
Immanuel Wallerstein
History in Search of Science
Faruk Tabak
Ars Longa, Vita Brevis? A Geohistorical Perspective on Pax Mongolica
Satoshi Ikeda
The History of the Capitalist World-System vs. the History of East-Southeast Asia
Mario Murteira
The Transition from Central Planning to Market Economy: An International Comparison

Volume XIX, Number 2, Spring 1996

Andre Foursov
Communism, Capitalism, and the Bells of History
Ramón Grosfoguel
From Cepalismo to Neoliberalism: A World-Systems Approach to Conceptual Shifts in Latin America
Richard Tardanico
From Crisis to Restructuring: The Nexus of Global and National Change in the Costa Rican Labor Market
Kosmas Tsokhas
War, Industrialization, and State Intervention in the Semiperiphery: The Australian Case

Volume XIX, Number 3, Summer 1996

Social Science Concepts
Arif Dirlik
Social Formations in Representations of the Past: The Case of "Feudalism" in Twentieth-Century Chinese Historiography
Ravi Arvind Palat
Fragmented Visions: Excavating the Future of Area Studies in a Post-American World
The World We Are Entering
W. Warren Wagar
Socialism, Nationalism, and Ecocide
Giovanni Arrighi
Workers of the World at Century's End

Volume XIX, Number 4, Winter 1996

Wilma A. Dunaway
The Incorporation of Mountain Ecosystems into the Capitalist World-System
Raymond F. Bulman
Discerning Major Shifts in the World-System -- Some Help From Theology?
Sanjay P. Thakur
Note on International Trade and the Political Economy of State Formation in South Asia: A Long Wave?
Jack Arn
Third World Urbanization and the Creation of A Relative Surplus Population: A History of Accra, Ghana to 1980
J.-M. Berthelot
La dynamique pluriculturelle dans la construction de la sociologie et l'aporie du relativisme

Volume XX, Number 1, Winter 1997

Peter J. Taylor
Modernities and Movements: Antisystemic Reactions to World Hegemony
Amiya Kumar Bagchi
Contested Hegemonies and Laissez-Faire: Controversies over the Monetary Standard in India at the High Noon of the British Empire
Y. Eyüp Özveren
A Framework for the Study of the Black Sea World, 1789-1915
Ramón Grosfoguel
Migration and Geopolitics in the Greater Antilles: From the Cold War to the Post-Cold War

Volume XX, Number 2, Spring 1997

Franco Moretti
Narrative Markets, ca. 1850
Raquel Sosa Elizaga
Social Sciences in Latin America: From the Neoliberal Deluge to the End of the Century
Merchant Capitalism
Jan Luiten van Zanden
Synopsis of Book: The Rise and Decline of Holland's Economy: Merchant Capitalism and the Labour Market
Ad Knotter
A New Theory of Merchant Capitalism?
Catharina Lis and Hugo Soly
Different Paths of Development: Capitalism in the Northern and Southern Netherlands during the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period
Immanuel Wallerstein
Merchant, Dutch, or Historical Capitalism?
Jan Luiten van Zanden
Do We Need a Theory of Merchant Capitalism?
Ad Knotter
Afterword: Parasitory and Dynamic Elements in Merchant Capitalism

Volume XX, Number 3/4, Summer/Fall 1997

Nomothetic vs. Idiographic Disciplines: A False Dilemma?
Immanuel Wallerstein
Ulf Strohmayer
The Displaced, Deferred or was it Abandoned Middle: Another Look at the Idiographic-Nomothetic Distinction in the German Social Sciences
Andrei Foursov
Social Times, Social Spaces, and Their Dilemmas: Ideology "In One Country"
Keong-il Kim
Genealogy of the Idiographic vs. the Nomothetic Disciplines: The Case of History and Sociology in the United States
Ramón Grosfoguel
A TimeSpace Perspective on Development: Recasting Latin American Debates

XX, Supplement 1997

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