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Volume XXI, Number 1, 1998

Debra Straussfogel

How Many World-Systems? A Contribution to the Continuationist/Transformationist Debate

Maximilian C. Forte

Globalization and World-Systems Analysis: Toward New Paradigms of a Geo-Historical Social Anthropology (A Research Review)

World-Systems Analysis

Immanuel Wallerstein

The Rise and Future Demise of World-Systems Analysis

Giovanni Arrighi

Capitalism and the Modern World-System: Rethinking the Non-Debates of the 1970's

Volume XXI, Number 2, 1998

Ivar Ekeland

What is Chaos Theory?

Pierre Vilar

Reflections on the Notion of "Peasant Economy"

On Russia: Reactions to Foursov

William H. McNeill

Crossing Barriers of Language

Silviu Brucan

Communism versus Capitalism: A False Issue

Samir Amin

La Russie dans le systčme mondial: Géographie ou histoire?

Marina Fuchs & Hans-Heinrich Nolte

Russia and the West: The New Debate on the Uniqueness of Cultures

Volume XXI, Number 3, 1998

The States, the Markets, and the Societies: Separate Logics or a Single Domain? Part One

Immanuel Wallerstein


Parthasarathi Banerjee

The Disciplinary Triplet of "Social Sciences": An Indian Response

Wang Zhengyi

Inherit or Transfer? A Dilemma in Reconstructing Chinese Social Reality

Erratum XX, 3/4

Volume XXI, Number 4, 1998

The States, the Markets, and the Societies: Separate Logics or a Single Domain? Part Two

Immanuel Wallerstein


Waldemar Czajkowski

Marx's Paradigm - A Paradigm to Be (Re)discovered?, or How Marx Could Help Us to Construct Unitarian Theories of History

Y. Eyüp Özveren

An Institutionalist Alternative to Neoclassical Economics?

Volume XXII, Number 1, 1999

Mauro Ceruti

Narrative Elements: A New Common Feature Between the Sciences of Nature and the Sciences of Societies

Lawrence Birken

Chaos Theory and "Western Civilization"

Jim Mac Laughlin

European Gypsies and the Historical Geography of Loathing

Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas

La vision braudelienne sur le capitalisme antérieur ŕ la Révolution Industrielle

Steven Sherman

Hegemonic Transitions and the Dynamics of Cultural Change

Volume XXII, Number 2, 1999

Jan de Vries

Great Expectations: Early Modern History and the Social Sciences

Arif Dirlik

Place-based Imagination: Globalism and the Politics of Place

Mario González Arencibia

Alternativas de Desarollo, Frente a la Globalización Capitalista y al Derrumbe del "Socialismo Reale": Opciones para Cuba

Volume XXII, Number 3, 1999

Elizabeth Rata

The Theory of Neotribal Capitalism


Samir Amin

History Conceived as an Eternal Cycle

Giovanni Arrighi

The World According to Andre Gunder Frank

Immanuel Wallerstein

Frank Proves the European MIracle

Volume XXII, Number 4, 1999

Samir Amin

Post-Maoist China: A Comparison with Post-Communist Russia

Prabirjit Sarkar

Are Poor Countries Coming Closer to the Rich?

Caribbean Migrants to Core Zones

Ramón Grosfoguel

Introduction: "Cultural Racism" and Colonial Caribbean Migrants in Core Zones of the Capitalist World-Economy

Michel Giraud

Les migrations guadaloupéenne et martiniquaise en France métropolitaine

Philip Nanton

Migration Dynamics: Great Britain and the Caribbean

Livio Sansone

Small Places, Large Migrations: Notes on the Specificity of the Population of Surinamese and Antillean Origin in the Netherlands

Ramón Grosfoguel

Puerto Ricans in the United States: A Comparative Approach

Volume XXIII, Number 1, 2000

Commodity Chains in the World-Economy, 1590-1790

Immanuel Wallerstein


Y. Eyüp Özveren

Shipbuilding, 1590-1790

Sheila Pelizzon

Grain Flour, 1590-1790

Immanuel Wallerstein

Next Steps

Volume XXIII, Number 2, 2000

Marjolein 't Hart

Warfare and Capitalism: The Impact of the Economy on State Making in Northwestern Europe, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Eric Mielants

Perspectives on the Origins of Merchant Capitalism in Europe

Duccio Sacchi

Gathering, Organization, and Production of Information in Sixteenth-Century Surveys in Hispanic America

Volume XXIII, 3, 2000

Christopher A. McAuley

Oliver C. Cox's World-System: Insights, Omissions, and Speculations

Jason W. Moore

Sugar and the Expansion of the Early Modern World-Economy: Commodity Frontiers, Economical Transformation, and Industrialization

Volume XXIII, 4, 2000

Development Revisited

Prabirjit Sarkar

North-South Uneven Development: What the Data Show

Hannes Hofbauer & Andrea Komlosy

Capital Accumulation and Catching-up Development in Eastern Europe

Marcus Faro de Castro

Latin America and the Future of International Development Assistance

Manfred Bienefeld

Structural Adjustment: Debt Collection Device or Development Policy?

Volume XXIV, 1, 2001

Braudel and the U.S.: Interlocuteurs valables?

I. The Heritage of Fernand Braudel

Immanuel Wallerstein

Braudel and Interscience: A Preacher to Empty Pews?

Maurice Aymard

One Braudel or Several?

Carlos A. Aguirre Rojas

Braudel in Latin America and the U.S.: A Different Reception

II. Fernand Braudel and U.S. Foundations

Giuliana Gemelli

U.S. Foundations and Braudel's Institution Building

F. X. Sutton

The Ford Foundation's Transatlantic Role and Purposes, 1951- 81

III. Fernand Braudel and U.S. Scholarship

Giovanni Arrighi

Braudel, Capitalism, and the New Economic Sociology

Jean Heffer

Is the Longue Durée Un-American?

Anthony Molho

Like Ships Passing in the Dark: Reflections on the Reception of La Méditerranée in the U.S.

Susan Mosher Stuard

A Capital Idea: Pursuing Demand

Steven Kaplan

The 1960's: Was Braudel a Turning-Point?

Volume XXIV, 2, 2001

Heinz Sonntag, Javier Biardeau & Miguel A. Contrera

Development as Modernization and Modernity in Latin America

Amiya Kumar Bagchi

Fluctuations and Turbulence of the World-Economy

Mohammad H. Tamdgidi

Open the Antisystemic Movements: The Book, the Concept, and the Reality

Volume XXIV, 3, 2001

Shelley Feldman

Intersecting and Contesting Positions: Postcolonialism, Feminism, and World-Systems Theory

Jonathan Leitner

Red Metal in the Age of Capital: The Political Ecology of Copper in the Nineteenth-Century World-Economy

José Itzigsohn

World-Systems and Institutional Analysis - Tensions and Complementarities: The Cases of Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic

Volume XXIV, 4, 2001

Ho-fung Hung

Imperial China and Capitalist Europe in the Eighteenth-Century Global Economy

Boris Stremlin

Bounding Historical Systems: The Wallerstein-Frank Debate and the Role of Knowledge in World History

Khaldoun Samman

The Limits of the Classical Comparative Method

Volume XXV, 1, 2002

Kees Terlouw

The Semiperipheral Space in the World-System

Louis Fontvieille & Sandrine Michel

The Transition Between Two Social Orders: The Relation of Education and Growth

Léo Poncelet

Bridging Ethnography and World-Systems Analysis

Volume XXV, 2, 2002

Miriam Halpern Pereira

Portugal Between Two Empires

Cynthia Lucas Hewitt

Racial Accumulation on a World-Scale: Racial Inequality and Employment

Elizabeth Rata

The Transformation of Indigeneity

Volume XXV, 3, 2002


Special Editor: Ramón Grosfoguel

Ramón Grosfoguel

Preface – Eurocentrism, Border Thinking, and Coloniality of Power in the Modern/Colonial World-System: The Implications for Utopian Thinking

Ramón Grosfoguel

Colonial Difference, Geopolitics of Knowledge, and Coloniality of Power in the Modern/Colonial Capitalist World-System

Eduardo Mendieta

Utopia, Dystopia, Utopistics, or the End of Utopia: On Wallerstein's Critique of Historical Materialism

Walter Mignolo

The Zapatistas's Theoretical Revolution: Its Historic, Ethics and Political Consequences

Nelson Maldonado-Torres

Postimperial Reflections on Crisis, Knowledge, and Utopia: Transgresstopic Critical Hermeneutics and the "Death of European Man"

Teivo Teivainen

Overcoming Economism

Volume XXV, 4, 2002

In Memoriam Clemens Heller

Tieting Su

Myth and Mystery of Globalization: World Trade Networks in 1928, 1938, 1960, and 1999

Gérard Duménil & Dominique Lévy

Neoliberalism: The Crime and the Beneficiary

Eric Mielants

Europe and China Compared

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