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XXIX, 1, 2006


Jonathan Nitzan & Shimshon Bichler, “New Imperialism or New Capitalism?”


Minqi Li & Adam Hanieh, “Secular Trends, Long Waves, and the Cost of the State:  Evidence from the Long-Term Movement of the Profit Rate in the U.S. Economy”


Richard E. Lee, “Complexity and the Social Sciences”


Letter from the Editor



XXIX, 2, 2006


From Postcolonial Studies to Decolonial Studies: Decolonizing Postcolonial Studies

Ramón Grosfoguel, Special Editor


Ramón Grosfoguel, “Preface”


Boaventura de Sousa Santos, “Between Prospero and Caliban: Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and Interidentity”


Ramón Grosfoguel, “World-Systems Analysis in the Context of Transmodernity, Border Thinking, and Global Coloniality”


Aníbal Quijano, “El ‘Movimiento Indígena’ y las Cuestiones Pendientes en América Latina”



XXIX, 3, 2006


Luis M. Pozo, “The Mechanisms of Class Accommodation in Precapitalist Europe: A Study in Hegemony”


Eric Slater, “Caffa: Early Western Expansion in the Late Medieval World, 1261-1475”



XXIX, 4, 2006


Mohammad H. Tamdgidi,  “Toward A Dialectical Conception of Imperiality: The Transitory (Heuristic) Nature of the Primacy of Analyses of Economies in World-Historical Social Science”


Abebe Zegeye & Maurice Vambe, “African Indigenous Knowledge Systems”






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