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Volume XXVI


XXVI, 1, 2003

R. Bin Wong: Between Nation and World: Braudelian Regions in Asia


Hans-Heinrich Nolte: Why Is Europe’s South Poor? A Chain of Internal Peripheries Along the Old Muslim-Christian Borders

Ray Kiely: The Race to the Bottom and International Labor Solidarity


XXVI, 2, 2003

In Memoriam Ilya Prigogine


Jason W. Moore: Nature and the Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism

Jonathan Leitner: North American Timber Economy: Log Transport, Regional Capitalist Conflict, and Corporate Formation in Wisconsin’s Chippewa Basin, 1850-1990

Rolf Czeskleba-Dupont: Sustainable World-System Development: Restructuring Societal Metabolism


XXVI, 3, 2003

Oscar C. Gelderblom: From Antwerp to Amsterdam: The Contribution of Merchants from the Southern Netherlands to the Commercial Expansion of Amsterdam (c. 1540-1609)

Leo Lucassen & Wim Willems: The Weakness of Well-Ordered Societies: Gypsies in Western Europe, the Ottoman Empire, and India, 1400-1914

Mario González Arencibia: Socialismo entre globalización y mercado: Experiencias de Europa, China y Vietnam


XXVI, 4, 2003

Stephen G. Bunker & Paul S. Ciccantell: Creating Hegemony via Raw Materials Access: Strategies in Holland and Japan

Sjaak van der Velden: Strikes in Global Labor History: The Dutch Case

Stefan Gandler: Alltag in der kapitalistischen Moderne: Nichteurozentrische Theoriebeiträge aus Mexiko



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