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XXVII, 1, 2004

Hartmut Elsenhans, "On the Development of World-Systems Studies"

Peter J. Taylor, "Homo Geographicus: A Geohistorical Manifesto for Cities"

Steven Sherman, "Culture and the Global Emancipatory Project"


XXVII, 2, 2004

Amiya Kumar Bagchi, "The Axial Ages of the Capitalist World-System"

Andrea Komlosy, "State, Regions, and Borders: Single Market Formation and Labor Migration in the Habsburg Mon -archy, 1750-1918"


XXVII, 3, 2004

Russia and Siberia in the World-System: German Perspectives

Martin Aust, "Rossia Siberica: Russian-Siberian History Compared to Medieval Conquest and Modern Colonialism"

Hans-Heinrich Nolte, "The Modern World-System and Area Studies: The Case of Russia"

Eva-Maria Stolberg, "The Siberian Frontier and Russia's Position in World History: A Reply to Aust and Nolte"


XXVII, 4, 2004

The Environment and World History

Immanuel Wallerstein, "The Ecology and the Economy: What Is Rational?"

Richard Wilk, "The Extractive Economy: An Early Phase of the Globalization of Diet"

Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Fridolin Krausman & Barbara Smetschka, "Modelling Scenarios of Transport Across History from a Socio-Metabolic Perspective"

J. R. McNeill, "Yellow Jack and Geopolitics: Environment, Epi -demics, and the Struggles for Empire in the American Tropics, 1640-1830"

Ferruccio Brugnaro, A Poem: "All Acquitted in Trial Over Petrochemical Dead"


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