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XXXII, 1, 2009

Political Economic Perspectives on the World Food Crisis


Philip McMichael, Special Editor


Philip McMichael - Interpreting the World Food Crisis of 2007-08

Raj Patel & Philip McMichael - A Political Economy of the Food Riot

Lucy Jarosz - The Political Economy of Global Governance and the World Food Crisis: The Case of the FAO

Shalmali Guttal - New and Old Faces of Hunger: Cambodia, Timor Leste, and Food Crises


John Wilkinson - The Emerging Global Biofuels Market

Farshad Araghi - Accumulation by Displacement: Global Enclosures, Food Crisis, and the Ecological Contradictions of Capitalism


XXXII, 2, 2009


Commemorating the Longue Durée


Note from the Editor


Immanuel Wallerstein - Braudel on the Longue Durée: Problems of Conceptual Translation


Fernand Braudel - History and the Social Sciences: The longue durée



XXXII, 3, 2009



Huei-Ying Kuo -Agency amid Incorporation:  Chinese Business Networks in Hong Kong and Singapore and the Colonial Origins of the Resurgence of East Asia, 1800-1940


Eric Wilson - Making the World Safe for Holland:  De Indis of Hugo Grotius and International Law as Geoculture


Geoffrey C. Gunn - Timor-Leste (Former Portuguese East Timor): From Colonial Anthropology to an Anthropology of Colonialism



XXXII, 4, 2009



Jason Moore – Madeira, Sugar, and the Conquest of Nature in the “First” Sixteenth Century, Part I: From “Island of Timber” to Sugar Revolution, 1420–1506


Enrico Dal Lago – Second Slavery, Second Serfdom, and Beyond: The Atlantic Plantation System and the Eastern and Southern European Landed Estate System in Comparative Perspective, 1800-60


Staughton Lynd – Toward Another World


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