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REVIEW: Statements of Policy

On Editorial Policy

Review is committed to the pursuit of a perspective which recognizes the primacy of analyses of economies over long historical process, and the transitory (heuristic) nature of theories.

On Publication Policy

We invite contributions of articles that fall within the general perspective, very loosely defined, of the journal, or articles that are specifically critical of the perspective.

There is no limit of size. We prefer articles that discuss the concrete world but welcome also attempts at conceptual re-definition. We will not exclude articles that are highly technical nor articles that are essays. Our central criterion is that an article seems in our judgement to grapple seriously with the intellectual issues it confronts, and that it confronts serious intellectual issues.

We will publish articles primarily in English, but we will be willing to publish articles in other scholarly languages. We will, from time to time, translate into English an article already published in another language. We will even be willing, from time to time, to republish an article that first appeared in English, if we believe that the readership of our journal and that of the original locus of publication are highly unlikely to overlap.

The editors deem it their function to judge the general worth of an article and not to argue substantively with the author about its contents. If the editors dissent strongly, they will print their dissents publicly rather than quarrel privately.

We are a scholarly journal but one we hope will be of the interest, and more importantly of use, to persons and movements in the real and thankfully everchanging world.

In short, we reject some of the fetishes of academic reviews, but lay claim to sharing the central traditions of world scholarship. Though we are published in the United States, we hope to make our journal a forum that will reflect the true diversity of contemporary world scholarship.

The Editors

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Last Updated: 1/30/12