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Getting inside the mind of the American voter

Political scientist John McNulty studies elections and voting behavior, including campaign strategy, voter turnout and mobilization, voting technology and political parties.

A good deal of John McNulty’s research seeks to define the circumstances that boost or depress voter participation. Along with a colleague, McNulty has been examining how voters respond when a county reduces the number of polling locations used in an election.

They’re developing a book on the subject, which should help election officials understand how decisions to open or close polling spots will influence turnout. “They’ll know exactly what to expect when they make any changes,” McNulty, an assistant professor of political science, said. “In addition, when they open new polling places or have any kind of voter outreach, they’ll have a pretty good idea of how much additional turnout that might generate, so they can be better prepared for it.”

McNulty joined Binghamton’s faculty in 2005. He has been published in the American Political Science Review , Perspectives on Politics, American Politics Quarterly and The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in political psychology, elections and voting behavior, American politics and methodology.

Learn more about McNulty’s work.

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Last Updated: 5/7/09