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Chemistry the right track for future dentist

When he first came to Binghamton, Zachary Logozio didn’t know exactly what he wanted to study, but he did know where he was headed. “I knew I wanted to go into the medical field,” says Logozio. “But, beyond that, I had no idea.”

So, Logozio started his freshman coursework – like many other pre-med students – with organic chemistry. Somewhere between hydrolysis and isomers he realized that he enjoyed it.

With his adviser, Professor of Chemistry Wayne Jones, Logozio researches polymer chemosensors. “They’re a long chain of molecules put together in such a way that they can sense dangerous ions in the environment,” says Logozio. “You take these little polymers – which glow under a black light – and if an anion like cyanide is introduced, their florescence decreases significantly,” he explains.  

While still in the testing phase, these polymers are on the frontier of chemistry. “You’ll be able to bring these little sensors into the environment and detect things like chemical warfare or dangerous environmental pollutants,” Logozio explains. One very practical use: “If a company dumps a pollutant into a water source, you could dip the sensor in a sample and know if there’s dangerous cyanide present.”

Though Logozio’s future plans will take him away from chemosensors, his research and extracurricular activities while a student have set a strong foundation for him. “During my time at Binghamton, I started getting close to one of my uncles (a dentist). I shadowed him and loved what he did,” says Logozio, who now plans to follow in his uncle’s footsteps.

“There’s a lot of chemistry in dentistry,” he notes. But he’s also learned many other skills at Binghamton that he’ll take with him following graduation. “I’ve learned how to communicate with people of all different backgrounds. And, now I have the ability to present myself and interact with someone new. I’m not a shy person, but it takes a lot of courage to go up to a professor and speak to him professionally.”

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Last Updated: 2/11/10