Provost Office (Freshmen Research Immersion Program): Student Entrepreneurship Liaison >

DUTIES: Creating videos involving faculty, research labs, and research equipment onsite to showcase the new FRI (Freshman Research Immersion) program; use available video recording equipment and video editing software to deliver videos and multimedia files for posting to FRI website, University's YouTube channel and linked in a variety of recruitment and other electronic communications; work closely with FRI personnel to help identify topics, students and faculty to be interviewed, and video footage to support the stories to be told in 1-3 minute videos; incorporate creative, innovative methods in shooting and editing to effectively organize and convey key messages and facts about FRI. 

SKILLS NEEDED: Experience in digital video and audio equipment and editing, with Final Cut and Photo Shop preferred; Flash and other website enhancement capabilities, HTML and familiarity with a content management system (such as OmniUpdate) will be helpful; attention to detail, good oral and written skills; ability to organize and plan projects, as well as ability to work creatively and collaboratively in a timely manner.

Last Updated: 12/9/13