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NYS Grants and Scholarships

US Department of Labor Scholarship search

Scholarships from Outside Sources

Binghamton University encourages students to pursue outside sources of scholarships. We encourage you to use  free scholarship search sites such as FinAid!. Be careful never to pay to have someone locate possible scholarships for you. This information is available to you online for free. Your hometown service organizations and parents' employers can be another source of information.

If you are on-campus, feel free to stop by the office during regular business hours and look through our binder of miscellaneous scholarship announcements we receive on a regular basis.  For the most part, these would also be found on most scholarship search sites, as provided on the right sidebar of this page.  


Taxation of scholarships, fellowships and awards

If you receive a scholarship or fellowship, you may have to pay tax on the amount you do not use to pay for tuition and course-related supplies (books, lab fees, etc.). This does NOT, however, include federal or state grants (such as PELL, FSEOG, TAP, etc.), nor does it include federal loans (such as Direct Subsidized/unsubsidized Student loans, Stafford loans, PLUS, etc.). 

EXAMPLE: Suppose you receive a $4,000 scholarship. You spend $1,500 for tuition and $300 for books. You spend the remaining $2200 for room and board. The $2,200 is taxable and must be reported when filing your tax returns.


ROTC at Binghamton

The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)  and the Air Force ROTC programs offer tuition scholarships to eligible Binghamton University freshmen and sophomores.

No matter what your academic interest is, ROTC can help you pursue your path and learn leadership skills along the way.

Read more about Army ROTC.

Read more about Air Force ROTC.



Last Updated: 3/2/16