Undergraduate Research Center/Office of External Scholarships: Communications Assistant > 

DUTIES: Write articles on student researchers and award recipients; write articles on faculty researchers and artists; maintain a deadline and announcement section on both the External Scholarships and URC webpages; establish a listserv of interested students; suggest and develop ways to improve the way we deliver information on our services and opportunities to students via social media; create a newsletter for both students and staff; identify appropriate student organizations based on research and scholarship opportunities; build awareness of scholarship and undergraduate research opportunities through tabling, event marketing, and social media. 

SKILLS NEEDED: Excellent writing, organizational, and interpersonal skills; interest in the fields of marketing, public relations, communication, management, or higher education administration; experience working with social media; must have a professional demeanor and the ability to take initiative; must be able to work independently as well as part of a team.

Last Updated: 12/9/13