Early Graduate Career BU PREP Workshops

Introduction to Graduate Life I: Thinking of Graduate Work Professionally

PREP Theme: Planning, Professionalism

Graduate-level work is considerably different from undergraduate work. The expectations and overall responsibilities of a graduate student are greater than those of an undergraduate student. These responsibilities expand even further as one progresses toward the PhD. To familiarize new students with the multiple missions and expectations of graduate school, this workshop will address the following:

  • How to conceptualize graduate studies as real work
  • How to manage time to learn and to conduct research
  • How to plan your career (and what you should be doing at each stage of your graduate studies)
  • What is expected from you by your faculty
  • How to balance your personal life and your graduate work

Introduction to Graduate Life 2: On and Off Campus

PREP Theme: Engagement

A sequel to Graduate Life 1. This workshop explores the campus environment, the city of Binghamton, and basic strategies for residing in the local community. The workshop will address the following topics:

  • Off-campus living, leases, and landlords
  • Student transportation
  • Budgeting on a graduate student salary
  • Legal services offered by the University
  • Travel and conference funding
  • Social gatherings for graduate students

Graduate Writing and Citing for the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Disciplines
Graduate Writing and Citing for the Social Sciences and Humanities

PREP Theme: Planning, Professionalism

Both workshops offer valuable strategies and mechanisms for strengthening academic writing and communication skills. They will cover the ins and outs of papers, paper-writing, and publication at the graduate level. They also introduce students to the many writing/research resources available through the University, focusing on library resources. Specific topics include:

  • Binghamton University libraries
  • Library services (such as search tools, interlibrary loans, study carrels, and subject librarians)
  • Graduate-level papers (structure and topics)
  • Conference papers versus publishable papers

The underlying themes and examples for each workshop will be drawn from their respective fields, since paper formats and research methods differ.

Getting Used to Graduate School: The Peer Mentoring Program

PREP Theme: Planning, Resilience, Professionalism

This ongoing program is designed to help new graduate students transition smoothly into graduate life at Binghamton University and to offer more advanced graduate students the opportunity to mentor other students within their discipline.

Peer-mentoring partnerships will be based on similarities in disciplines and interests. New students and leadership volunteers will complete a personal/academic profile, which will be used to pair mentors and mentees together. New mentors will undergo training. Mentors and mentees will meet regularly throughout the semester. We will have continual feedback from both mentors and mentees.

Wellness in Body and Soul

PREP Theme: Resilience

Graduate school can be a stressful experience. That stress can have potentially adverse effects on students' emotional, social, and physical well-being. This workshop raises awareness of these issues and offers strategies for effectively navigating them. The workshop will include specific mechanisms to relieve the anxieties typical of graduate life. It will also introduce students to the variety of wellness programs offered on campus, including nutritional, exercise, and counseling programs.



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