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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: How do I sign onto Business Intelligence?

Answer: Go to the Business System Portal (easiest way to find is using the SUNY website A- Z Index). Under the Business Intelligence block click on the Reporting System Sign-on link. As an alternative, click on "Link to Training Manual" and follow the sign-on instructions beginning on page 9 of the document.

2. Question: If I try to sign onto BI but discover that I don't have access who should I contact?

Answer: You should first attend BI training. Please contact the University Center for Training & Development (A-Z Index is easiest) for a schedule of training sessions. If you've already had training and still don't have access then please contact our Security Administrator – Connie Naccarato at extension 2938 – to obtain BI access.

3. Question: I'm having trouble determining what my SUNY account numbers are. How can I find them?

Answer: There are a few ways.

The first way is to go to the Account Summary Dashboard and then the Reporting Structure Page within that dashboard and search for your department. This was covered in the BI training class. It is also covered beginning on page 17 of the Training Manual which can be accessed via the BUBS Portal.

The second way is to go to the BUBS Portal and under the Business Intelligence block click on "Oracle to SUNY Account Crosswalk". This will take you to an Excel file where you can search for your Org number (last 4 digits of rollup) or Org name and find your Oracle and corresponding SUNY accounts.

4. Question: I'm able to get into BI but am having basic problems getting it to work properly.

Answer: BI doesn't work well with Internet Explorer (IE) version 10. If your PC has IE 10 loaded then it is suggested that you use either FireFox or Google Chrome.

5. Question: I have taken BI training and am having trouble understanding how to use a particular dashboard or have discovered a problem with the dashboard or data. Who should I contact for help?

Answer: Please contact Scott Hatch in General Accounting at ext 2099 or email him at

6. Question: When I access BI my dropdown for "Dashboards" has disappeared. How do I resolve this?

Answer: We have found that occasionally the cache for your browser needs to be cleared in order to successfully access BI. The method for this varies depending on the browser as follows:

>For Chrome click the three lines at the top right of the screen entitled "Customize and control Google Chrome". Click History and Clear browsing data. Next to "Obliterate the following items from:" change the drop down to "the beginning of time". Check the box labeled "Empty the cache". Click "Clear browsing data".

> For Firefox press the control, shift and delete keys at the same time. A dialog box opens. Next to "Time range to clear" change the drop down to "Everything". Check the box labeled "Cache". Click "Clear now".

>For IE click Tools and Delete Browsing History. Deselect "Preserve Favorites website data" and select "Temporary Internet files", "Cookies" and "History". Click "Delete".

7. Question: My IFR ending balance in Oracle doesn't equal my beginning balance in Business Intelligence. Why is this the case and what should I do?

Answer: In BI to get the proper beginning balance you must subtract the second column from the first (Beginning Cash Balance - Prior Yr Disbursements). In many cases the ending Oracle balance still won't match the beginning BI balance. This is due to the fact that fringe and overhead for June are posted in Oracle in June but delayed until July in SUNY. Also, during the lapsing period (Jul-mid Sep) various transactions (i.e. A/P) are still being made to both systems on slightly different schedules. At the end of the lapsing period the BI beginning balance will equal the Oracle ending balance with the exception of the above two timing differences, so please be patient.

8. Question: Why are there no budget allocations in my accounts?

Answer: Currently the budget allocations are only posted to provisional accounts on SUNY. These allocations allow us to process transactions through the system at a high level.  SUNY will post our detail allocations to individual accounts when they receive and approve our file and the files from the other campuses.  Last year the detail budgets were posted on September 5, 2012.  SUNY determines the date to post the detail based on many factors that are not under our control.  You should be able to process transactions but you will have to wait until SUNY posts our budget to monitor your budgets at the account level detail.  Any questions, please call Kris Gregory 7-2047.

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Last Updated: 9/13/13