General Education at Binghamton

Convinced that there are several areas of knowledge and experience that ought to be central to the academic experience of every undergraduate student, Binghamton University has adopted a comprehensive General Education curriculum. This curriculum has broad goals. It is intended to help students develop:

  • an appreciation of and capacity for effective personal expression;
  • knowledge about various intellectual traditions;
  • an understanding of and respect for different peoples and civilizations;
  • knowledge of and appreciation for the natural world, achieved through active engagement with the methods and philosophy of natural science;
  • logical thinking, balanced skepticism, and tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty;
  • a knowledge of and appreciation for the arts and creative expression;
  • skills needed to locate, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of sources;
  • skills needed to understand and use basic research techniques
  • skills needed to perform the basic operations of personal computer use.

To achieve these objectives, students must take courses in:

  • Language and Communication - Composition, Oral Communication and Foreign Language
  • Creating a Global Vision - Global Interdependencies and Pluralism in the United States
  • Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Mathematics
  • Aesthetics and Humanities
  • Physical Activity/Wellness

General Education Requirements

For more information on the General Education requirements, please go to the Requirements page.

For a list of courses meeting General Education requirements offered for a specific semester, please log into BU Brain or go to the Schedule of Classes.

Last Updated: 6/7/16