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The following form must be used by Binghamton University departments and/or instructors to submit their courses for Gen Ed designation.

For more information about Binghamton University's General Education requirements, please visit the Faculty and Staff page or contact Liz Abate, Coordinator of General Education, at or 607-777-2146.

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Please indicate the Gen Ed designation(s) requested using the checkboxes below. A course may have up to three Gen Ed designations. A brief description of each requirement is provided here; for more information and complete descriptions, please see the General Education Guidelines page.

A - Aesthetics - A courses enhance students' understanding of the creative process and the role of imagination and aesthetic judgment in at least one principal form of artistic expression.
B - Both Physical Activity/Wellness - B courses meet the requirements for both Physical Activity (Y) and Wellness (S).
C - Composition - C courses require at least 20 pages of expository writing and base at least 50% of the course grade on writing. The course must include a longer paper of at least 7 pages or at least two papers of at least 5 pages. A process of revision with instructor feedback (not just peer feedback) is mandatory. One paper of at least 5 pages must undergo a substantial revision process. Please provide details below for the writing assignments in your course, including the percentage of grade based on writing, the page count for each assignment, and the revision process. 
Foreign Language - Foreign language courses require students to demonstrate basic proficiency in the understanding and use of a foreign language and knowledge of the distinctive features of cultures(s) associated with the languages they are studying.
G - Global Interdependencies - The primary focus of Global Interdependencies (G) courses is to study how two or more distinctive world regions have influenced and interacted with one another and how such interactions have been informed by their respective cultures or civilizations. G courses must focus on at least one non-Western region, because Binghamton's Global Interdependencies requirement meets SUNY's Other World Civilizations requirement. G courses may focus on more than one non-Western region. G courses may focus on distinctive cultural regions, at least one of which must be non-Western. A "cultural region" is a portion of Earth's surface that has common cultural elements (, accessed 3/2/12).
H - Humanities - H courses enhance students' understanding of human experience through the study of literature or philosophy.
J - Joint Composition/Oral Communication - J courses meet the requirements for both Composition (C) and Oral Communication (O).
L - Laboratory Science - L courses emphasize the formulation and testing of hypotheses and the collection, analysis and interpretation of data and include a minimum of 10 laboratory meetings, exercises, field studies, or practica.
M - Math/Reasoning - M courses include any course in the Mathematics Department numbered 130 or above or any of several designated statistics courses.
N - Social Science - N courses impart a knowledge of major concepts, models and issues of anthropology, economics, geography history, political science, and/or sociology as recognized academic disciplines and provide an understanding of the methods used by social scientists to explore social phenomena.
O - Oral Communication - O courses require that each student give at least two presentations, base at least 15% of the course grade on oral presentations (including critiques of such presentations and other listening skills), and provide ample opportunity for students to critique presentations.
P - Pluralism - P courses consider United States society from the perspective of three or more groups that constitute that society (African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans) and show how these groups have affected and been affected by basic institutions of American society, such as commerce, family, legal and political structures, or religion.
P - Pluralism/American History - Specialized Pluralism or Pluralism/History courses meet the basic P requirement and present an historical narrative of the United States and its institutions covering at least a century of American history, connecting that period to periods before and after it, and situating the history of the US within the context of world history or of two or more regions of the world.
S - Wellness - S courses focus on developing a healthy lifestyle, rather than on simply providing information about the human body, and deal with such topics as diet and nutrition, physical development, substance abuse, human sexuality, relaxation, or physical, mental and emotional fitness.
Y - Physical Activity - Y courses devote at least 50% of their time to the performance of physical exercise and are designed to develop one or more of the following attributes: neuromuscular skill, muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility.

Please indicate the type of Gen Ed designation requested. Permanent designations are reserved for permanent courses (not topics courses) that will always be taught to meet the guidelines of the requested General Education requirement, regardless of instructor or semester offered.

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Please provide specific details as to how the course meets the Gen Ed designation(s) requested.

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Optional: If you would like to submit a syllabus, you may attach it here. A syllabus is not required but may be submitted to provide additional information regarding your request.

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Last Updated: 1/12/15