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Burrell Montz
Dr. Burrell Montz

The Department of Geography is pleased to announce the first presentation of the 2015-16 Dean's Speaker Series by Dr. Burrell Montz on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 from 10:10 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. in the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4), rooms AF. The title of the presentation is: Filtering the Facts about Fracking: Factions, Fortunes and Frustrations. Dr. Montz is a Proflessor and Chair of the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment at East Carolina University. Her research focuses on the impacts of flooding and the policy implications of managing development in the floodplain. She has co-authored two books and published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals that focus on natural hazards, vulnerability, and environmental management. For more information contact Dr. Naomi Lazarus:


Why geography @ Binghamton?

The goals of the Department of Geography are:

  • to provide students quality academic instruction in geography
  • to foster and advance teaching, research and publication in the discipline of geography
  • to provide the expertise of geographers to the community at large so that public and private sector decision makers may enhance the quality of their decisions
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lucius williams chancellor's award for excellence in professional serviceCongratulations to Lucius Willis for being selected for the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service!

We have assembled some recent news of the Department, current students, and recent grads for our spring/summer 2015 newsletter.

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