Geography Assistant Professor Eugene Tettey-Fio

Eugene Tettey-Fio

Associate Professor

Department Chair

Room: OJ-114

Phone: 607-777-6767


Education: PhD, Kent State University, 1996

Teaching specialties:

  • GIS Theory
  • Retail Geography
  • Site Analysis
  • Race & Ethnicity in the U.S. and Africa

Research interests:

  • Ethnic issues involving Blacks and Latinos
  • Recent Projects/Research Undertaken:
  • The Informal Retail Trade in Accra, Ghana
  • Examining Latino Migration to Tri-County Area, PA
  • Organization of a Joint Committee for Race & Ethnicity Conference, 2004

Recent publications:

  • Race and Place: Equity Issues in Urban America. (with J. W. Frazier and F.M. Margai), Westview Press, 2003.
  • Three book chapters in Multicultural Geographies: The Changing Racial/Ethnic Patterns of the United States. J.W. Frazier and F.M. Margai, editors, GAP, 2003.
  • "An Analysis of Mini-market Sites and Pricing in Areas of Minority Concentrations". Papers and Proceedings of the Applied Geography Conferences, Vol. 26, 2003, pp 61-66.
  • "A Preliminary Examination of Retail Form, Structure, and Pattern in 21st Century Accra, Ghana." submitted December 2002 to Urban Geography. Positive reviews requiring revisions received September 29, 2003 (under revision).
  • "Emergency Relief Supply using Location-Allocation Modeling: A GIS Approach" Research in Contemporary and Applied Geography: A Discussion Series, Vol XXII, No. 3, pp. 1-26, 1998.

Last Updated: 10/17/16