AndrusDr. Richard Andrus

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

  • bryology
  • problems of wetlands
  • environmental studies

Email address:  randrus@binghamton.edu



BarkerDr. Jeffrey Barker

Associate Professor of Geophysics, Undergraduate Director

  • seismology
  • geophysics
  • earthquake hazards

Email address:  jbarker@binghamton.edu



bobDr. Robert Demicco

Professor of Geology, Department Chair

  • sedimentology
  • carbonate Rocks
  • "fuzzy" logic

Email address:  demicco@binghamton.edu



Dr. Joseph Graney

Professor of Geology

  • environmental geochemistry
  • environmental hydrogeology

Email address:  jgraney@binghamton.edu





Dr. Robert Holahan

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

  • environmental policy
  • political science
  • sustainability

                                            Email address:  rholahan@binghamton.edu


jenkinsDr. David Jenkins

Professor of Geology, Graduate Director

  • experimental petrology and geochemistry of metamorphic rocks
  • amphibole stability and crystal chemistry

Email address:  dmjenks@binghamton.edu


Dr. Peter Knuepfer

Associate Professor of Geology

Binghamton University Faculty Senate President

  • geomorphology and fluvial processes
  • neotectonics

Email address:  knuepfr@binghamton.edu


kulpDr. Thomas Kulp

Assistant Professor of Geology

  • geomicrobiology
  • role of microbes in environmental cleanup

Email address:  tkulp@binghamton.edu



carl lipoDr. Carl Lipo

Environmental Studies Program Director, Professor of Anthropology

  • evolution of past human populations
  • models of cultural transmission
  • methods in remote sensing, geophysics
  • North American and Pacific prehistory

Email address:  clipo@binghamton.edu



Dr. Tim Lowenstein

Professor of Geology

  • aqueous geochemistry
  • evaporites
  • sandstone diagenesis

Email address:  lowenst@binghamton.edu



naslundDr. Richard Naslund

Professor of Geology

  • igneous petrology
  • experimental petrology
  • volcanology
  • geochemistry

Email address:  naslund@binghamton.edu

Dr. Alex Nikulinalex

Assistant Professor of Energy Geophysics

  • natural and induced seismicity
  • subduction zone processes
  • natural resources exploration
  • natural resources development

Email address: anikulin@binghamton.edu




Dr. Molly Patterson

Assistant Professor of Geology

  • Sedimentology, stratigraphy, cyclostratigraphy
  • Paleoceanography
  • Paleoclimatology

Email address:  patterso@binghamton.edu



pietrasDr. Jeffrey Pietras

Assistant Professor of Geology

  • sedimentology and stratigraphy
  • basin analysis
  • petroleum geology and geochemistry

 Email address:  jpietras@binghamton.edu



Last Updated: 1/31/17