Robert A. Holahan


Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

PhD (2011) Indiana University
Science 1, Room 164 
(607) 777-3337

Research Interests:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Political Science
  • Sustainability

Curriculum Vitae - here

Recent Publications:


Hello! I am an assistant professor of Environmental Studies and Political Science at Binghamton University. Additionally, I am an affiliated faculty member with the Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University. My primary area of research investigates environmental policy from a social-ecological perspective that incorporates the biological, ecological and geological characteristics of resource systems with the economics of human decision-making. Current research projects include an property-rights examination of unconventional oil and gas production and a cross-national study on the vote choices of parliamentarians over environmental policies. My work has appeared in the journals Science, Ecological Economics, and Marine Policy, among others.


Currently most of my research time is devoted to unraveling the property rights over and institutional evolution of regulations governing the use of unconventional oil and gas development using high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing. Along with Gwen Arnold, an assistant professor at the University California-Davis, I am working on a series of papers that explore the use of hydro-fracturing from the perspective of common pool resource theory. The first two papers in this research agenda have been published in the past year, with several additional papers on the topic of hydro-fracturing under review, being finalized for submission, and/or planned for the coming years.


Other current research projects include a comparative study of the determinants of national environmental policies via parliamentary voting. One aspect of the project (with Will Heller) explores the role electoral institutions play in shaping policy outcomes. Another aspect (with Nick Clark) explores the role of interest groups in advocating for policies in the European Union.


My teaching interests similarly revolve around environmental policies and natural resource governance. At Binghamton University, I have taught courses on Sustainability and Urban Policy (ENVI 382C, Fall 2012 & 2013), Environmental Policy Analysis (ENVI 481T/PAFF 571, Fall 2012 & 2013), Introduction to Environmental Policy (ENVI 230/PLSC 282A, Spring 2013), Global Environmental Politics (ENVI 382D, Summer 2013), and Environmental Impact Analysis (ENVI 413/513).


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