Flaming Gorge, WY - Kuwanna Dyer Pietras


Research activities in the Department of Geological Sciences are far-reaching and often interdisciplinary. Students and faculty pursue study in geophysics (seismology and global geodesy), environmental geology (geology, hydrogeology, environmental geochemistry and geophysics), earth surface processes and sedimentology, petrogeology, and geochemistry. The department also includes the Center for Integrated and Watershed Studies, a source of expertise on the natural features of watersheds and the human effects on them.

Research Facilities

With extensive, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and equipment to support a wide range of instructional and research activities and ongoing research projects and field studies in locations ranging from Australia to the Canadian Rockies and from the Caribbean to Russia, Binghamton faculty and students can create computer models of earthquake source mechanisms, Earth tides, oscillations and wobbles; study amphibole stability; and analyze whole-rocks, mineral separates and minerals in thin section.



Last Updated: 8/14/14