Spring 2013 Seminar Series

January 24 - Thursday at Noon - Note special time and day
Jean H. Bedard, Geological Survey of Canada.
"Archean Tectonics" 

February 1
Mainak Mookherjee, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science, Cornell University.
"Hydrous phases in subduction zone settings" 

February 8 - Friday at Noon - Note special time
Jeffrey Pietras, BP Brazil.
"Mega-regional Depositional Environment Maps of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin of the Middle Aptian and Lower Albian" 

February 14 - Thursday at 4:00 PM - Note special day
Michael M. McGlue, USGS, Denver, CO.
"The Pantanal Wetlands (South America): Form, Function, and History"

February 18 - Monday at Noon - Note special day
 Morgan Schaller, Brown University
"Outpacing the Anthropocene - New constraints on the rate of carbon release at the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum"

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