Undergraduate Research

The very best indication that a student is prepared for graduate school or the profession of Geology is the successful completion of a research project. Undergraduate research is not required for Geology majors, but it is certainly recommended. This is, after all, one of the benefits of being a student at a research university. Successful completion of such a project may qualify the student for departmental honors upon graduation.

Here is a list of some recent undergraduate research projects. This list is not complete and can be expected to grow through time. It is included to provide some examples.

  • Marci Lauth (in process) – Examination of carbonate and siliceous lake and spring deposits from the Green River Formation (Prof. Tim Lowenstein).
  • Ben Drexell (in process) – A study of Cambrian stromatolites from Fossil Sea Gardens (Prof. Tim Lowenstein).
  • Ryan Capobianco (in process) – A study of sedimentology and fluid inclusions of Trona from Lake Magadi (Prof. Tim Lowenstein).
  • Mark Ziminsky (2009) – Participated in two research cruises in the seas surrounding Taiwan centered around ocean-bottom seismometer deployment and retrieval, and contributed to bathymetric data processing (Prof. Francis Wu).
  • Joshua Sandberg (2004) – "A quantitative study of the water content in layered and chain silicates" (Prof. David Jenkins).  This work was presented at the 12th Annual Honors Day and Undergraduate Showcase, April 23rd, 2004.
  • Maria Fokin (2001) – "A study of the effects of changes in P-T and bulk composition on the triple chain structure of clinojimthompsonite" (Prof. David Jenkins). This research  helped establish the background for a future NSF grant.
  • Susan deLeonardo (2000) – "Senior Thesis: A wavelet analysis of the Markowitz wobble" (Prof. Steve Dickman). A novel form of data analysis was used to elucidate the properties and, more important, the possible causes of this small, enigmatic 30-year perturbation of Earth's rotation axis.

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