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Giving back to propel Binghamton forward

donor wall

Celine Nehme '16, left, is executive vice president of the Student Philanthropy Committee.


The new Student Donor Wall of Fame, located in a frequently used hallway of Bartle Library, was unveiled this past fall to recognize student philanthropy and increase visibility about the importance of giving back to Binghamton University.

The Student Philanthropy Committee and Seniors for the BingFund helped get the word out and encouraged their peers to provide their charitable support.

"I encourage my fellow students to give back now as students and after graduation by pointing out all the things on campus that were made possible by alumni donations," says Celine Nehme '16, executive vice president of the Student Philanthropy Committee.

She cites the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development, John Arthur Café and numerous other resources across campus as examples of how donor support has enhanced the student experience.

"Giving back to Binghamton will not only have the potential to increase the value of your degree, but will make the campus better and provide more services for current students," Nehme says. "Also, giving back makes you feel good for doing good!"

Even a $10 gift from a student makes a difference, she notes.

The emphasis is on increasing student participation, says Sandra Griffiths, assistant director of the Binghamton Fund, the annual giving program at Binghamton.

About 12 percent of senior students made a gift to support the University in fiscal year 2014-15, which ended June 30. That is up from 7.5 percent the previous period.

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Last Updated: 5/10/17