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Sam Hanz

Sam Hanz '17

Luba and Ezra Hanz filled a pressing need on campus by supporting a lab equipment purchase that will enhance student learning.

"I value education a great deal. Education is the source of light in anyone's life," Ezra says.

Their son, Sam, is a sophomore at Binghamton University majoring in neuroscience and minoring in religious studies. He spends a lot of time in University science labs as part of his regular coursework and for special research opportunities with faculty.

Too few spectrophotometers in the biochemistry lab created challenges for students like Sam, teaching assistants and instructors. The Hanz gift enabled the purchase of a spectrophotometer plus some additional small equipment.

The spectrophotometer is the "work horse" instrument of the Biochemistry 426 laboratory course and is used in other biochemistry courses, according to Paulina Schertzer, an instructional support technician in the Biological Sciences Department.

Students use the instrument to determine the protein concentration of an unknown sample, she says. Students also purify lysozyme from egg whites and use the spectrophotometer to quantify its activity, to name some examples.

"We already have some spectrophotometers, but because they are such a frequently used instrument, we desperately needed more," Schertzer says. "Now everyone will be able to work simultaneously, finish their work in the allotted time, and best of all, the teaching assistant will be able to help everyone more effectively."

Sam dreams of becoming a doctor specializing in neurology or neurosurgery, curing diseases and winning a Nobel Prize in medicine. The high-quality education he is getting at Binghamton, particularly for the price, is already a "dream come true," he says.

Leadership opportunity for parents

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Last Updated: 1/20/17