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Tag Day highlights impact of donor support across campus

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Binghamton Fund Director Caitlyn Carlson hanging a tag in the University Art Museum.


Imagine Harpur College without a graphic design lab, the Student-Athlete Success Center without laptops or the School of Management without the high-tech Zurack Trading Room. While you're at it, toss out a bunch of books from Bartle Library and forget about the Decker School of Nursing's Innovative Simulation and Practice Center.

Many of the bar-raising facilities and opportunities at Binghamton University wouldn't exist without the generosity of donors, a fact several campus groups wanted to make clear with a new event called Tag Day, which will be held annually.

The goal of Tag Day is to engage and educate students, faculty and staff about the impact of donor support across campus. The event was held Feb. 27 to coincide with Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day, which is celebrated by more than 100 colleges and universities around the world.

About 500 tags were placed across the Binghamton campus to visibly identify just some of the items and places that have been supported by donor gifts. Buttons indicating "I Give Back" or "I Benefit" were also offered at various locations on campus.

Donors provide crucial resources on which the entire campus relies, says Caitlyn Carlson, director of the Binghamton Fund. The Binghamton Fund organized Tag Day in partnership with the Binghamton University Alumni Association, Division of Student Affairs and Student Philanthropy Committee.

From scholarships and other student aid, to funding for faculty development and research, to support that enhances academic programs and campus facilities — every gift makes a difference.

"A lot of students aren't necessarily aware of how philanthropic efforts sustain them," says Andrew Loso, Class of 2015 and co-chair of the Student Philanthropy Committee. "It's important to begin to advocate for that."

Last Updated: 1/20/17