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Note to international students

Binghamton University welcomes students and scholars from all parts of the globe. Diversity is a cornerstone of our identity and mission, and we remain committed to admitting, supporting, advising and helping all international applicants and enrolled students.

Despite President Donald Trump’s Executive Order, we will consider each applicant for admission and funding, and support all admitted international students as fully as possible in their efforts to obtain visas.

A safe, affordable and welcoming campus in a state warmly receptive to immigrants of all nations, faiths and cultures, Binghamton University hosts 2,700 international students from 115 countries. We hope you will apply.

Support for International Students and Faculty

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Binghamton University's graduate programs in English offer more than just the study of language and literature. Students in the program develop skills that have applications far beyond the traditional occupations of teaching and composition. Effective and persuasive communicators are in demand in a number of fields, including law, marketing, communications and journalism. Advanced study of literature and rhetoric will greatly contribute to your skill set and employability. The Creative Writing concentration can offer additional experience, and is not only for those who are pursuing a career in writing.

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Students in the Master of Arts program in Theatre enjoy excellent facilities and receive individual guidance in small classes. The program is designed to ground the student in advanced fundamentals of theatrical theories and practice while accommodating individual interests and strengths. With a broad curriculum that balances both academic and production experiences, the program constitutes a period of study and practice en route to professional work, teaching or advanced degrees. Courses are a carefully planned combination of theory and practice. Theatre students choose a sub-specialization in history, criticism or some aspect of performance, technology or design.

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Industrial and Systems Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineering

The Systems Science and Industrial Engineering (SSIE) Department offers a unique and internationally recognized curriculum that emphasizes faculty-student collaboration as well as teamwork across disciplines and various divisions of engineering, business and industry. Available degrees include the Master of Science in systems science, the Master of Science in industrial and systems engineering and the Master of Engineering in either industrial engineering or systems engineering.

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Featured faculty research

Loretta Mason-Williams, Assistant Professor

of special education, studies educational equity and the uneven distribution of Special Education Teachers in many of the nation's high-needs schools.

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Living in upstate New York

World-class and affordable

A successful and enjoyable graduate career entails more than just academics, and at Binghamton University we are committed to providing you a well-rounded experience. In fact, that’s why our graduates are so successful.

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The Binghamton area offers an inspiring landscape and lively urban environment that's easy to navigate. The University's suburban and downtown campuses are just minutes from Binghamton's downtown.
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Featured student research

Elizabeth Feurer, Doctoral Candidate

in the Department of Psychology, investigates stress reactivity in adolescents

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#76 School of Management

Science Schools

#77 Earth Sciences
#87 Mathematics

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#53 Department of Public Administration

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#37 Clinical Psychology
#79 Social Work

Social Science Schools

#50 Political Science
#56 History
#63 English
#67 Psychology
#69 Sociology

Source: "U.S. News" March 20, 2014.


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