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Graduate studies in Anthropology at Binghamton University are diverse and flexible. Students train in the traditional four subfields of archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology and social/cultural anthropology. Students are also encouraged to specialize along tracks that cross these sub-disciplinary boundaries as they pursue the MA degree, the MA degree in Public Archaeology, the MS degree in Biomedical Anthropology or the PhD.

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Binghamton University offers a unique doctoral program in Management that focuses on collaboration across multiple disciplines. PhD candidates can choose to specialize in concentrations such as finance, management information systems, marketing, organizational behavior and leadership and supply chain management. The stellar faculty at the School of Management aims to provide a solid foundation in theory and research as well as prepare students for careers in academia and in the public and private sectors.

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Psychology Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Psychology - Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Binghamton University’s doctoral program in Cognitive and Brain Sciences has a strong research emphasis with a primary goal to educate scientists via the development of critical thinking, research competence and theory construction and evaluation. Our students are trained in areas of cognitive neuroscience that include language processing, learning and memory, perception, attention and emotion as well as cognitive development. A specific teaching curriculum is also included, and research training is heavily emphasized.

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Featured faculty research

Carl Lipo, Professor

of anthropology, contradicts the belief that the ancient civilization of Rapa Nui, Chile, was destroyed by warfare

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A successful and enjoyable graduate career entails more than just academics, and at Binghamton University we are committed to providing you a well-rounded experience. In fact, that’s why our graduates are so successful.

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The Binghamton area offers an inspiring landscape and lively urban environment that's easy to navigate. The University's suburban and downtown campuses are just minutes from Binghamton's downtown.
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Featured student research

Katherine Frost, Doctoral Candidate

in the Department of Psychology, studies acute social stress.

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Source: "U.S. News" March 20, 2014.

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