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Graduating Students

Congratulations! If you’re looking at this page, you’re almost ready to wrap up a successful graduate career at Binghamton University.

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Degree Completion Assistant

The Graduate School Manual


Use the deadlines and instructions below to ensure a smooth and successful final semester. These deadlines are important. If the deadlines are not met, you will have to register for the next semester and receive your degree then.

International students: If you do not graduate by the completion date listed on your I-20, you must apply for a program extension with ISSS.





Fall 2014

Spring 2015

File a Graduate Application for Degree (GAFD) Form

Recommended Deadline
Compliance with this deadline is strongly recommended to allow for timely completion of degree paperwork by The Graduate School and individual programs.

October 31 March 27

Absolute Deadline for your name to appear in the printed graduation program

November 7 March 27

Absolute Deadline for submitting GAFD

December 5 May 1

Submit Thesis/Dissertation to The Graduate School (view instructions)


Recommended Deadline (electronic submission)

November 21 April 17

Absolute Deadline (electronic submission)

December 8 May 6

For Departments: Submit Recommendation for Award of Degree forms to The Graduate School


For students completing dissertations/thesis:

December 8

May 6

For students completing projects/exams:

December 8

May 6

Attend Commencement Ceremony and Celebrate


Degree Conferral Date

December 21 May 17

Commencement Ceremony

December 14 Various
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