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You’re almost ready to finish your graduate career at Binghamton University. We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments at Commencement.

Use the dates and deadlines below to ensure a smooth final semester.

If you are not able to meet these deadlines, you will have to register for the next semester to receive your degree and/or certificate at the conclusion of that term. If you are an international student and you do not graduate by the completion date listed on your I-20, you must apply for an extension with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)



Summer 2017
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Spring 2017

Graduate Application for Degree - Spring 2017 (form)
Recommended Date (to be included in commencement program):
Absolute Deadline (to graduate this semester):
August 4
August 11
March 24
May 11
Thesis/Dissertation Electronic Submissions, Forms and Fees (details)
Recommended Date (for new submissions):
Absolute Deadline (for new submissions):
August 4
August 11
April 18
May 11
You may need to make formatting revisions after these dates. For the fastest assistance with formatting revisions, please submit by the recommended date.
Certificate Processing Fees (if required)
Recommended Date:
Absolute Deadline:
August 4
August 11
May 4
May 11
This fee can be paid by check or money order made out to the Binghamton University Graduate School. Your name and B-Number should be on the payment. Please contact the Degree Completion Assistant at if you are unsure if you owe this fee.  
Recommendation for Award of Degree/Certificate (forms)
Due from Departments by: August 14 May 17
Commencement and Conferral

Intent to Participate in Commencement Form Deadline:
Commencement Ceremony Dates:
Degree Conferral Date:

May 2018
May 3
May 19-21
May 21



Contact the Degree Completion Assistant at

You may also find the answers to your questions in the Graduate School Manual.

Last Updated: 3/3/17