Common Name: Wollemi Pine

  • Family: Araucariaceae
  • Country of Origin: New South Wales, Australia
  • Discovered in 1994

The greenhouse received a donation of a 7 foot tall Wollemi Pine through donor and alum John Copoulos. The tree arrived April 12th, delivered by the curator of the greenhouses at the University of Connecticut. These trees were discovered in a remote part of New South Wales in 1994. They were previously known only in the fossil record. The government of Australia controlled the early release of Wollemi Pine and the National Geographic Society sold a limited quantity in 2006. Our newly acquired Wollemi comes from this source and was about 12 inches tall in 2006.


JUNE UPDATE: Titan Arum Bloomed on June 20th 2013!

After a rest of more than a year, our Amorphophallus titanum bloomed again! Metis last put up an inflorescence, its first, in 2010. Now the inflorescence in 2013 has surpassed 2010 in height! This year it measured 73 inches on the morning of full opening; last time it was 67.5 inches.

Interesting Link for Titan Arum

Last Updated: 12/1/15