Sidney Dement, Assistant Professor of Russian

Ph.D. University of Kansas

Recent Courses: Slavic Folklore, Russian Language, Moscow: Text and Context

Research Interests: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Russian Literature, M.A. Bulgakov's Master and Margarita, Moscow in Russian Literature, Moscow-Tartu Semiotics, Borislav Pekic's How to Quiet a Vampire, Slavic Folklore.



Carl Gelderloos, Assistant Professor of German

Ph.D. Cornell University

Recent Courses: Cyborgs & Maschinenmenschen in German Literature and Culture, Intermediate German I

Research Interests: 20th-century German literature and culture, Weimar modernism and the avant-garde, New Vision photography, Critical Theory and the Frankfurt School, Philosophical anthropology, Science fiction.



Donald Loewen, Associate Professor of Russian

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison

Recent Courses: Great Russian Novels, Russia and the World, Literature and Revolution

Research Interests: Russian Language, Literature and Cultural History, Russian/Soviet Memory Cultures, Legacy of Soviet-era Monuments in Post-Soviet Space(s), Poetry and Performance in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Autobiographies of the Great Russian Poets.



Ingeborg Majer-O'Sickey, Associate Professor of German/Bartle (affiliated also with Comparative Literature and Women’s Studies)

Ph.D. The University of Texas at Austin

Recent Courses: Girls and Visual Culture, Faust in Film, Weimar Visual Culture/Modernities, Propaganda or Art? The Case of Leni Riefenstahl, Brecht: Theory and Praxis, Film and Societies, Practicum in College Teaching

Research Interests: Feminist Film Theory, Contemporary German Film, Representations of the Holocaust in World Cinema, Film in the “Third Reich,” Weimar Cinema.



Rosmarie Thee Morewedge, Associate Professor of German and Director of the Binghamton University Exchange Programs with the University of Leipzig and the University of Graz


Recent Courses: Intermediate and Advanced German, Texts and Contexts I, Poetry and Society, Narration in the Middle Ages, Fairy Tales of Cognitive and Social Development by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm

Research Interests: Pre-Courtly Medieval German Minstrel Epic, Fairy Tales, Folklore, Narratology, Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy.



Neil Christian Pages, Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature and Chair, Department of German and Russian Studies

Ph.D. New York University

Recent Courses: Kafka and His Readers, Reading W.G. Sebald, Deutsche Kulturgeschichte: 1871-1989, Madness and Genius, Commemoration/Representation, Texts and Contexts II, GDR Culture: Was war und was bleibt

Research Interests: German, Austrian and Scandinavian Languages and Literatures, Literary Theory, Commemorative Practices and Memory Cultures, Visual Culture, Translation.



Nancy Tittler, Senior Lecturer in Russian and Director of Undergraduate Studies (Russian Studies)

Ph.D. Yale University

Recent Courses: Russian Culture and Civilization, Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Russian Literature, Russian Drama, Women in Russian Literature

Research Interests: Russian Language, Literature and Cultural History, Russian Theatre, Language Pedagogy.



Marina Zalesski, Lecturer in Russian

M.A. Norwich University (also educated at the Novosibirsk Pedagogical University and the Novosibirsk Art Academy)

Recent Courses: Intermediate and Advanced Russian Language and Culture, “Russian for Russians”

Research Interests: Russian Language and Culture, the “Silver Age” in Russian Literature, Russian Religious Philosophy, Religion and Soviet Ideology, Representations of Russian Identity in Literature and Film.



Harald Zils, Assistant Professor of German and Director of Undergraduate Studies (German Studies)

Dr. phil. Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Recent Courses: Jews in German Literature, Literature and Ritual, Goethe, Thomas Mann‘s Magic Mountain, German Literature and the Cold War

Research Interests: Anthropological Perspectives on Literature and Philosophy, Technology in Teaching, Aesthetic Theories of Production and Reception.



Michelle Brussow, Teaching Assistant (German Studies)



Tom Hanel, Teaching Assistant (German Studies)



Julia Ludewig, Adjunct Lecturer (German Studies and Comparative Literature) 



Kerstin Petersen, Adjunct Lecturer (German Studies and Comparative Literature)



Gülden Olgun, DAAD Language Assistant (academic year 2014-2015)


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