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Novgorod, Russia

Novgorod, Russia

a small-city Study abroad experience in Novgorod, Russia

My experience in Novgorod, Russia was my first study abroad experience and my first time overseas as a student. In Novgorod, I got a sense of what small city Russian life was like. In a city where practically nobody except for a handful of students and professionals speak English, I was challenged to learn and improve my Russian, and to really listen to and observe the world around me. Since the city of Novgorod was at the time too small to have any of the touristic conveniences a major city like St. Petersburg or Moscow would have, I had what I consider a real Russian experience.

The reminders of Novgorod's ancient history were spread throughout the city, but concentrated primarily in Novgorod's over a millennium old ancient city in the Novgorod kremlin. The presence of ancient artifacts intermingled with a more modern city and an ever changing Russia gave me a better idea of Russia's great and extensive history.

  — Omar Mohamad

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Last Updated: 3/1/10