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student in class roomWe offer programs for certified teachers interested in graduate study as well as college graduates interested in becoming teachers.

Teacher Education at Binghamton

At Binghamton, Teacher Education is organized around several graduate programs. Although some of our courses  are open to undergraduates as electives, our teacher certification programs are offered at the masters level only.

Our Pre-Service Programs are for students who do not yet have any certification to teach. Our In-Service Programs are for students who already hold teacher certification. Please read about the programs that interest you to learn if you are qualified to apply.

Our Educational Studies program is designed for three types of students

As you read about programs that interest you, please note any prerequisite requirements and, for your application, specific essays or exams the program requires, as well as application deadlines. Some programs admit students only for the fall; others admit throughout the year. When you have all the information, you will apply to GSE.

With the exception of Educational Studies, all of our programs are designed to correspond with  New York State teacher certification, which is organized by age as well as content. See Teacher Certification for further information. NYS requires students to complete 100 hours of fieldwork, linked to coursework, before student teaching. Please read about these Fieldwork Requirements.

Job Outlook and Employment Resources

The demand for teachers in New York State varies by geographical location, grade, and subject. You can make the most of your education if you are aware of which kinds of teachers are needed in which New York State communities and other states. The NYSED Office of Higher Education provides the most current information on teacher supply and demand throughout the state.

These links can aid you in your search for a teaching position in New York State or elsewhere in the country.

•    Binghamton University Career Development Center
•    New York State Education Department List of Job Banks
•    Information About Teacher Certification in Other States
• - The Employment Resource for Educators
•    Link to Local Broome-Tioga Component School Districts

Pre-Service Programs (leading to initial certification)

Childhood & Early Childhood Education (Birth to Grade 6) - MSEd degree


Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12) - MAT degree

English - MAT

Foreign Languages (French & Spanish) - MAT ---  also see BA/MAT degree option

Mathematics - MAT --- also see BA/MAT degree option


Biology - MAT ---  also see BA/MAT degree option

Chemistry - MAT ---  also see BA/MAT degree option

Earth Science - MAT --- also see BA/MAT degree option

                               --- also see BS/MAT degree option

Physics - MAT ---  also see BA/MAT degree option

Social Studies - MAT

In-Service Programs (for certified teachers)

Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12) - MSEd degree


Literacy Education - MSEd degree

Birth to Grade 6

Grades 5 -12

also see Additional Certification in Literacy


Special Education - MSEd degree

Birth to Grade 2 or Birth to Grade 6

Grades 1-6

Grades 7-12


Educational Studies

New Orleans Master Degree Program (in New Orleans for NOLA Teachers)

Educational Studies (classes at Binghamton University)


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Last Updated: 3/21/14