Photo of Marla Mallette

Marla Mallette

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education
Co-Coordinator, EdD in Educational Theory and Practice

Office: AB-244
Phone: 607-777-7331
Fax: 607-777-3587

Educational Background

  • PhD, Literacy Education, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • MEd, Literacy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  • BA, Elementary & Early Childhood Education, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Teaching Profession
Courses regularly taught

  • Reading and Language Studies Research Seminar
  • Reading in the Elementary School
  • Improving School Reading Programs
  • Advanced Diagnostic Teaching of Reading
  • Emergent Literacy

Current Research Interests

  • Literacy Assessment
  • Early Literacy
  • Literacy Difficulties
  • Research Methodologies / Mixed Methods Research

 Selected Publications


  • Mallette, M. H., & Barone, D. M. (Eds.) (in press). Best practices in early literacy. New York, NY: Guilford.

  • Duke, N. K., & Mallette, M. H. (Eds.). (2011). Literacy research methodologies (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Guilford.

  • Karchmer, R. A., Mallette, M. H., Kara-Soteriou, J., & Leu, D. J. (Eds.). (2005). Innovative approaches to literacy education: Using the Internet to support new literacies. Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

  • Barone, D. M., Mallette, M. H., & Xu, H. (2005). Teaching early literacy: Development, assessment and instruction. New York, NY: Guilford.

      Book Chapters

  • Mallette, M. H., Duke, N. K., Strachen, S. L., Waldron, C. H., & Watanabe, L. M. (in press). Synergy in literacy research methodology. In N. Unrau & D. E.  Alvermann (Eds.), Theoretical models and processes of reading (6th ed.). Newark, DE: International Reading Association.
  • Onwuegbuzie, A. J., & Mallette, M. H. (2011). Using mixed method in literacy research. In N. K. Duke, & M. H. Mallette (Eds.), Literacy Research Methodologies (2nd ed). New York, NY: Guilford.

  • Karchmer, R. A., Mallette, M. H., & Leu, D. J. (2003). Early literacy in a digital age: Moving from a singular book literacy to the multiple literacies of networked information and communication technologies. In D. M. Barone & L. M. Morrow (Eds.), Literacy and young children (pp. 175-194). New York, NY: Guilford.


  • Benge, C., Onwuegbuzie, A. J., Mallette, M. H., & Burgess, M. L. (2010). Doctoral students' perceptions of barriers to reading empirical literature: A mixed analysis. International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 5, 55-77.
  • Mallette, M. H., Schreiber, J. B., Caffey, C. S., Carpenter, T., Hunter, M. (2009). Exploring the value of a summer literacy program on the learning of at-risk adolescents. Literacy Research and Instruction, 48, 172-184.
  • Mallette, M. H., McKinney, M., Moffit, C., Girlado, E., & Levitt, G. (2008). Developing, negotiating, and enacting literacy curriculum. National Reading Conference Yearbook, Oak Creek, WI: National Reading Conference.
  • Mallette, M. H., Henk, W. A., Waggoner, J. E., & Delaney, C. (2005). What matters most? A survey of accomplished middle level educators' beliefs and values about literacy. Action in Teacher Education, Themed Issue: Is Every Teacher a Teacher of Reading, 27(2), 33-42.
  • Miles, P., A., Stegle, K. W., Hubbs, K. G., Henk, W. A., & Mallette, M. H. (2004/2005). The Anna Plan: A whole class support model for early literacy. The Reading Teacher, 54, 318-327.
  • Mallette, M. H., Henk, W. A., & Melnick, S. A. (2004). The influence of Accelerated Reader on the affective literacy orientations of intermediate level children. Journal of Literacy Research, 36, 73-84.
  • Mallette, M. H., & Karchmer, R. A. (2002). Internet inquiry-based learning in literacy methods courses: Lessons learned from preparing preservice teachers to integrate technology in their own teaching. In J. V. Hoffman, D. L. Schallert, C. M. Fairbanks, J. Worthy, & B. Maloch (Eds.), The fifty-second yearbook of the National Reading Conference. Chicago: National Reading Conference.
  • Duke, N. K., & Mallette, M. H. (2001). Preparation for new literacy researchers in multi-epistemological, multi-methodological times. Journal of Literacy Research, 33, 345-360. (Invited manuscript)
  • Mallette, M. H., Kile, R. S., Smith, M. M., McKinney, M., & Readence, J. E. (2000). Constructing meaning about reading difficulties: Preservice teachers beginning to think about pedagogy. Teaching and Teacher Education, 16, 593-612.

      Other Professional Activities

  • Co-Editor, The Reading Teacher (2010-2015) 
  • Guest Editor, Research in the School (2012)
           Themed issue on Literacy and Social Networking/Web 2.0
  • Chair, Student Outstanding Research Award Committee, (2010-2012)        
           Literacy Research Association                  
  • Area Co-Chair for the Annual Conference, (2010-2012)      
           Literacy Research Association

      Selected Recognitions

  • Albert J. Kingston Award for Distinguished Service (2011), Literacy Research Association
  • College of Education and Human Services Teacher of the Year Award (2005), Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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