Photo of Marilyn Tallerico

Marilyn Tallerico

Professor, Graduate School of Education

Office: AB-243E
Phone: 607-777- 2478
Fax: 607-777-3587
E-mail: mtalleri@binghamton.edu

Educational Background

  • PhD, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Arizona State University
  • MA, Bilingual Education, University of Connecticut
  • BA, Spanish-Secondary Education, University of Connecticut

Teaching Profession
Courses regularly taught

  • Supervision of Instruction
  • Professional Development in Schools
  • Politics of Education
  • Curriculum Leadership

Current Research Interests

  • Gender and politics in PreK-12 educational leadership
  • Teachers' & leaders' professional development

Selected Publications

  • Tallerico, M. (2014). District issues: Administrators at all levels involved in teachers' professional development. In Martin, L., Kragler, S., Quatroche, D., & Bauserman, K. (Eds.), Handbook of professional development in education: Successful models and practices PreK-12, pp. 125-144. New York: Guilford Press.
  • Tallerico, M.  (2012).  Leading curriculum improvement: Fundamentals for school principals.  Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education.
  • Tallerico, M. (2007). Three strategies for administrators to support school-based staff developers. Journal of Staff Development , 28(1), pp. 42-45.
  • Tallerico, M.  (2007).  Career patterns in schools.  In B. Bank (Ed.), Gender and education: An encyclopedia .  Westport, CT: Praeger-Greenwood Press.
  • Tallerico, M. (2005). Supporting and sustaining teachers’ professional development: A principal’s guide . Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.
  • Penna, A., & Tallerico, M. (2005). Grade retention and school completion: Through students' eyes. Journal of At-Risk Issues , 2 (1), 13-17.
  • Tallerico, M., & Blount, J. (2004). Women and the superintendency: Insights from theory and history. Educational Administration Quarterly , 40(5), 633-662.
  • Tallerico, M. & Burstyn, J. N. (2004). Politics and paradox: The case of an urban alternative school. Planning and Changing , 35(1 & 2), 33-54
  • Theel, R., & Tallerico, M. (2004). Using portfolios for teacher hiring: Insights from school principals. Action in Teacher Education , 26 (1).
  • Tallerico, M. (2003). Policy, structural, and school board influences on superintendent supply and demand. The Journal of School Leadership , 13 (3), 347-364.
  • Tallerico, M. (2000). Gaining access to the superintendency: Headhunting, gender, and color. Educational Administration Quarterly , 36(1), 18-43.
  • Tallerico, M. (2000). Accessing the superintendency: The unwritten rules . Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press & the American Association of School Administrators.

Selected Recognitions

  • Staff Development 2006 Book of the Year Award from the National Staff Development Council (2006, December)
  • Davis Award for outstanding research article published in Educational Administration Quarterly, 2005
  • Special Recognition Award for “extraordinary, careful, and thoughtful reviews” from the University Council for Educational Administration & the Educational Administration Quarterly, 2003 & 1999
  • Award of Recognition for research, advocacy, and service, from the New York State Association for Women in Administration, 2001

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