The Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (CSMTE)

The Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education or CSMTE is an interdisciplinary, school-based center that fosters collaboration within and between Binghamton University’s Graduate School of Education, the Harpur College Division of Science and Mathematics, the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science, K-12 school districts, and science teacher professional organizations. The primary mission of CSMTE is to explore, develop and implement innovative approaches for educating grades K -12 teachers of science and mathematics, from preservice and inservice degree programs through career-long professional development. Given the importance of undergraduate and graduate science & mathematics coursework and clinical practice in schools, CSMTE has also helped design and staff programs for targeted subsets of GK-12 students. An essential element of this work is to conduct and disseminate research-informed best practices for preparing teachers and enhancing student learning in these fields. Graduate courses, published articles and books, conference presentations, grant-funded institutes and workshops, the website, and faculty service with professional associations are all vehicles for CSMTE’s outreach efforts.

National and international assessments (i.e., NAEP, PISA & TIMSS) point to quality gaps in student performances that are linked to outdated Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment standards and practices in the United States relative to our international economic peers. The development and dissemination of new, more “intelligent” CIA standards (i.e., the Next Generation Science Standards & the Common Core State Standards—Mathematics) will likely lead to improved textbooks, tests and technologies for teaching. But, research-informed teachers who reflect in and on their teaching and who actively collaborate via formal and informal professional development networks are an essential element of “schools as learning organizations” improvement efforts. CSMTE faculty work towards a time when ALL students, regardless of demographics, experience school science & mathematics that: (1) engages their curiosity & passion for lifelong learning, (2) prepares them as concerned, competent citizens who make informed personal & social decisions & (3) provides opportunities to explore & if desired, pursue STEM-related careers in Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics fields.

Last Updated: 3/22/16