Garrett Dorfman, Fall 2012

Elizabeth Kiefer, Fall 2012

Amy Laurenza, Fall 2012

Ryan Ruyle, Fall 2012

Elizabeth Texeira, Fall 2012

Kelly Trevino, Fall 2012

Alex Turvy, Fall 2012

Alex Turvy - New Orleans

Alex came to education through Teach For America, but quickly realized that the short training left him with a lot to learn. In order to more effectively serve his First Grade students, Alex enrolled in the Graduate School of Education's New Orleans program. This proved to be a perfect fit. The program was well-designed in that it allowed the flexibility of an online program but also included all the benefits of in-person classes. Students had the flexibility to complete readings and assignments on their own schedule, but were also able to interact with professors and students in intensive night and weekend sessions.

Alex particularly enjoyed the foundations of literacy course as well as the multiple courses about planning effective classroom interventions for students with academic and behavioral struggles. Overall, the courses provided an excellent framework for Alex to think about his own practice as a teacher. Beyond the coursework, the independent study portion of the program challenged him to dig deeply into education research as well as conduct independent research in his own school.

Currently in his fourth year in the classroom, Alex plans to continue working in the same role at KIPP McDonogh 15 in the years to come. In addition to the foundation that the coursework laid, Alex also took away an interest in studying and using education scholarship as a way of improving his own work as a classroom teacher. He is extremely grateful for the opportunity that the Binghamton program provided and enthusiastically recommends it to teachers in New Orleans.

Rachel Coy Weanie, Fall 2012

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