Summer 2013 Course Syllabi

Highlighted courses are links to syllabi. All courses are 4 credits, unless otherwise noted.

EDUC 410X – Issues in Education 

EDUC 420X - Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World

EDUC 445 -  Basic Educational Statistics


EDUC 541 – Applied Research Techniques

EDUC 580A – Writing Toward the Common Core for English Teachers      

ELED 507 – Elementary School Science Content & Methods
ELED 580A/480A     - Music and Arts in Elementary Classroom  

LTRC 521/SPED 527 – Literacy Assessment and Instruction for Secondary Students

LTRC 580A – Comprehension and Metacognition

ERED 590 – Practicum in Early Childhood                                                                         

SPED 501/SPED 411 – Intro to Special Education

SPED 504/ERED 504 – Educational Programs for Young Children w/Disabilities

SPED 506– Early Language and Emergent Literacy                                                 

EDUC 601 – Contemporary Philosophical and Social Issues in Education
EDUC 607 – Education Law and Ethics                                                                              

EDUC 609 – Assessment for Student Learning & School Improvement
EDUC 673 - Leadership in Educational Settings           

EDUC 692 – Internship (2 credits)                                                                                                


 SUMMER 2013 Registration Dates

Term I, May 29 – June 29:  Registration period from March 12-June 1

Term II, July 9 – August 10: Registration period from  March 12-July 12

Term III, Variable Dates

 Students can register through the BU Brain at  Contact your advisor if you have not already done so regarding course choices.  Be sure you have no delinquencies such as parking fines, library fines, health forms, etc. 

For further information:

Visit the Graduate School of Education website at: or Summer Session website at:


Contact Jeannette Lowell (607) 777-2727 or email

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