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Six Steps to Certification
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Required Workshops
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The New York State Education Department, Office of Teaching Initiatives provides extensive information about the types of teacher certification, requirements, and pathways to fulfilling those requirements.

   Six Steps to Certification

To become eligible for teacher certification in New York State, you must complete these six (easy and not so easy) steps:

  1. Register with TEACH, the system that the New York State Education Department uses to process applications for teacher certification. TEACH also records fulfillment of all other NYS requirements for teacher certification, specifically –
  2. Submit fingerprints for background check by applying online, and be sure to request fingerprint cards (they will put the fingerprinting packet in the mail to you the next day). School districts are starting to require these background checks before students can do fieldwork or student teaching, so completing this requirement early will assist with field placement in schools.  Please note: The fee for GSE to roll prints is $25, and payment is accepted only in the form of a check or money order made out to BUF Acct 50316.  Please include student B-number on payment. NO cash - please.
  3. Complete workshops in Child Abuse, School Violence (Project SAVE), and DASA. GSE offers DASA on a regular basis and the others usually once per year in early November.  Additional workshop information is on the NYSED website.
  4. Take (and pass) New York State Teacher Certification Examinations required for your field. To save yourself time, money, and frustration, it is best to take each examination as you complete relevant coursework. If you are a preservice student (seeking initial certification(s) to teach) you will need to successfully complete the edTPA.
  5. Complete a teacher education program that is registered with the New York State Education Department.
  6. Apply and pay for your certification(s). Students completing a program in Binghamton's Graduate School of Education can complete their application following these detailed instructions. If you have questions, please contact Tami Mann at 607-777-5322 or by email at

NYSED has reviewed and approved Binghamton's teacher education programs, indicating that each one fully meets all requirements established for teacher certification for that particular age group and subject. Upon successful completion of one of our registered programs, the Graduate School of Education will recommend you for certification. (Students who do not complete an approved program need to apply for "transcript review" via NYSED in Albany, a process that is time-consuming and often reveals "deficiencies" in coursework).

Keep in mind that Binghamton University confers masters degrees, not teacher certification. In New York State, only the State Education Department can grant teacher certification. Teacher certification conveys that the applicant is prepared to teach a particular subject at the prescribed grade level, having fulfilled all education, experience, and examination requirements, including knowledge and skills to address state learning standards. Binghamton's teacher education programs are designed to give students the coursework and field experiences to meet these requirements.

NOTE:  It is possible for New York State licensed teachers to acquire certification in other states. See "Information About Certification in Other States".

New NYSTCE (New York State Teacher Certification Examination) Information

IMPORTANT NOTE: The New York State Education Department has implemented a new series of teacher certification examinations beginning with students graduating from New York State teacher preparation programs in May, 2014.  For more information on these new requirements, visit the NYS Office of Teacher Certification exam information webpage. Additional information about the tests may be found on the NYSTCE website. Review books are now available.

What tests am I required to take?  DOWNLOAD HERE.   NOTE: All requirements listed are subject to change at any time and without notice.  


 Required Workshops 

To become a certified teacher in New York State, you must complete three specific workshops (in addition to completing an approved teacher education program). IN ADDITION, completion of these workshops are a graduation requirement.  The Graduate School of Education offers the PROJECT SAVE and Child Abuse workshops once per year (usually in the month of November). DASA workshops will operate on a variable schedule. Please revisit this webpage for updates and related registration information.

Workshop # 1  PROJECT SAVE Setting the Stage for Safer Schools: Violence prevention training for professionals seeking educational certification.
          Date:    Saturday  November 8, 2014  (10 am - 12 noon)
          Location: Lecture Hall 7

Workshop #2 Child Abuse and Maltreatment Identification and Reporting Procedures
          Date:     Saturday November 8, 2014 (1 pm - 4 pm)
          Location: Lecture Hall 7

To register for these workshops, remit payment with the attached form. For further information, stop by AB-133 or call (607) 777-5322.


NEW!  Workshop #3 DASA (Dignity for all Students Act) Harassment and Bullying Prevention Certification Training:   Please visit the DASA Workshop Webpage for more information.


   NYSTCE Results for Binghamton

Individuals seeking teacher certification in New York State must achieve qualifying scores on the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE). The purpose of these examinations is to help ensure that certified teachers have the knowledge and skills required to be effective teachers in New York State’s public schools. To help prospective students in making informed decisions about what college to attend, teacher education programs in New York State are required to publish the performance of their program graduates on the NYSTCE.

The New York State Teacher Certification Examinations program includes the following:

  • Educating All Students Test (EAS)
  • Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST)
  • Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)
  • Content Specialty Test (CST)

Results of State Assessments for Teacher Certification Candidates 2012-13 and Prior (2011-12 and 2010-11)


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