In-Service Programs in Teacher Education
for certified teachers

We welcome international students whose intention is to study education without becoming a New York state certified teacher to consider our MS in Educational Studies Program.

Read about our Teacher Education programs or click on the name of your in-service program of interest below. These programs are for already licensed teachers, so applicants must be able to produce a New York state initial certificate by the end of the first semester of study in the GSE program. If unable to do so, you will remain in the program but will not be able to take additional courses in your program of study until proof of New York state initial certification is received by GSE.

Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12) - MSEd degree

Literacy Education – MSEd degree

Birth to Grade 6

Grades 5 -12

also see Additional Certification in Literacy 

Special Education – MSEd degree

Birth to Grade 2 or Birth to Grade 6

Grades 1-6

Grades 7-12

TESOL Education – MSEd degree

There is also a MA without NYS certification available in TESOL.  Click on the link above for more information.


Last Updated: 2/22/17