TESOL Education

(MA, and MSEd Grades Pre K-12)

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS!  We look forward to reviewing your application.

Whether you are a globetrotter who is passionate about education or a certified teacher who wants to expand your professional repertoire, the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) graduate program at Binghamton University can help meet your needs. The TESOL program offers the Master of Arts (MA) and the Master of Science in Education (MSEd) degrees.

The MA TESOL enables graduates to teach in English as a Second/Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) programs on college campuses or in other English programs across the globe. This track is also suitable for international students who wish to be involved in English education around the world, such as ESL programs in higher education or other intensive English programs. Note: The MA in TESOL does not lead to New York state teacher certification.

The MSEd TESOL is designed for those already possessing (or about to possess) New York state teacher certification looking to teach English as a New Language (ENL) in pre K-12 settings.

Students are immersed in multi-layered theoretical and practical approaches to teaching English as a second language, from language acquisition and literacy development to effective ESL pedagogies and history about ELLs (English Language Learners). Students taking classes full time will complete this program in just three semesters, with their studies culminating in either a capstone project or master’s thesis.

Degrees offered

  • MA, TESOL - 32 Credits
  • MSEd, TESOL - 32 Credits

Professional development

Students are assigned a faculty advisor who offers guidance throughout their academic career. Our lively curriculum reflects the rapidly changing needs of the national population by including language teaching in global perspectives, technology-enhanced language teaching and courses embedded in field experience.

In addition to regular coursework, fieldwork and student teaching are important program components. The program boasts strong content speciality as well as diverse student and faculty backgrounds. Faculty advisors and office staff are eager to assist students in tailoring their courses of study and field placements. Students are encouraged to take advantage of a well-established network of alumni and professional connections that will help with field visits and placements. There are urban, suburban and rural schools with student teaching opportunities in close proximity.

After you graduate

The completion of the MA degree allows graduates to work in ESL programs on college campuses. Earning the MSEd and meeting other requirements leads to New York state certification as a TESOL teacher. Employment opportunities for teachers have improved significantly over the last few years. Alumni of our programs in education teach at schools regionally and around the country. Due to strict licensure rules, a New York state teaching license is well respected across the nation. Typically, graduates of the programs easily find employment as teachers in other states.


Degree Fall Spring
MA in Education, TESOL  rolling  rolling
MSEd in Education, TESOL  rolling  rolling

TESOL Courses (32 Credits)

The following is a list of courses students may take while pursuing a TESOL degree. Note: Students must possess 12 credits of college foreign language to be eligible for either the MA or MSEd in TESOL. For course descriptions, go online.
EDUC  504     Foundations of Bilingual & Multilculturall Education        3 credits     
EDUC  529 Grammar for English Teachers 3 credits 
EDUC 580D Special Topics in TESOL 3 credits
EDUC  581 Linguistics for Teachers of ELLS 3 credits
EDUC 583 Second Language Acquisition 3 credits 
EDUC  584 Curriculum, Methods, and Assessment for ELLS 3 credits
EDUC 585 Global Contexts for TESOL, Sociolinguistic Approaches 3 credits
EDUC 587 L2 Reading, Writing, & Technology 3 credits
EDUC 588 Content-based ESL Curriculum and Instruction 3 credits
EDUC 595 TESOL Capstone Project or Thesis 2 credits
LTRC 518 Language & Literacy Assessment & Teaching 3 credits

Supervised Practicum
EDUC   591.    Practicum in TESOL  3 credits

Students concurrently complete a position paper that includes a survey of the literature and an action research component.

After browsing this website, direct initial inquiries to Tami Mann.  Additional questions about Binghamton University's TESOL programs may be directed to coordinators Shannon Hilliker or Hoe Kyeung Kim.

For application information visit the Graduate School TESOL Application Webpage.


Last Updated: 2/10/17