Special Education - Childhood (Grades 1 to 6)

Minimum Requirements for Degree (courses are subject to change)

Applicants to this program must hold or demonstrate eligibility for teacher certification in New York State for childhood education (grades 1-6).

This program requires a minimum of 36 credit-hours.


SPED 501. Introduction to Special Education (or equivalent)

Required Courses

SPED 521 Proactive Approaches to Behavior Management 4 credits
SPED 522 Collaboration with Families and Staff 4 credits
SPED 523 Assessment in Special Education 4 credits
SPED 541 Instructional Approaches for Inclusive Elementary Classrooms 4 credits
SPED 528 Special Education Technology 4 credits
SPED 564 Educating Students with Severe Disabilities in Inclusive Settings 4 credits

Elective Courses

Students take at least two electives (8 credits), selected in consultation with the adviser.

Supervised Practicum in Grade 1-6

SPED 595

In-service Practicum and Seminar in Special Education

Download Student Teaching Handbook HERE

4 credits

Capstone Intervention Project

During the last semester of enrollment, each student submits a final project demonstrating competence as a teacher of students with disabilities. See Capstone Intervention Project  for more information.

Plan of Study Form

The following link provides students and advisors with a form to guide students through the requirements.

Plan of Study Form for the Special Education Grades 1-6 MSEd Program

NOTE: After studying this web page, direct questions about Binghamton University's childhood special education program to program coordinator Dr. Elizabeth Anderson at 777-3890 or eanders@binghamton.edu.

Last Updated: 3/31/15