Teacher Education at Binghamton

At Binghamton, teacher education is organized around several graduate programs. Some of our courses are open to undergraduates as electives, but our teacher certification programs are offered at the master's level only.

Our Pre-Service Programs are for students who do not yet have any certification to teach. Our In-Service Programs are for students who already hold teacher certification. Read about the programs that interest you to learn if you are qualified to apply.

Our Educational Studies program is designed for three types of students:

  • teachers who do not qualify for one of our other programs
  • international students who do not hold NYS certification
  • therapists, counselors and other service providers who want to increase understanding of children or schools, but do not want to become teachers

Note any prerequisite requirements and, for your application, specific essays or exams the program requires, as well as application deadlines. Some programs admit students only for the fall; others admit throughout the year. When you have all the information, you will apply to GSE.

With the exception of Educational Studies, all of our programs are designed to correspond with  New York State teacher certification, which is organized by age as well as content. See Teacher Certification for more information. NYS requires students to complete 100 hours of fieldwork, linked to coursework, before student teaching. Read about Fieldwork Requirements.

The New York State Education Department approves education programs for the training of veterans to use veterans' education benefits from the Veterans Administration (VA). Any veteran wishing to attend Binghamton University's Graduate School of Education under the provisions of state and federal laws should contact the Veteran Services Office to certify eligibility or apply for veteran education benefits. While the most common veteran education benefit remains the Montgomery (Chapter 30) and Post 9/11 (Chapter 33) G.I. Bill programs, there are a variety of federal and state education benefit programs. Students may be eligible for the NYS Veteran Tuition Award as well as funding through the New York State Naval Militia, even if they have exhausted their federal VA benefits. The assistant director of Veteran Services acts as the School Certifying Official for VA federal benefits, and can act in an advisory role, in partnership with the NYS Division of Veterans' Affairs, as it pertains to selecting and applying for education benefits. Veteran students are required to follow the same procedure for admission that applies to other, non-veteran applicants. 

Application Fee Waivers for Veterans

The Graduate School offers application fee waivers to veterans of the United States Armed Forces. See the Graduate School's application instructions webpage for directions for uploading the Application Fee Waiver Form and a copy of the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214). Applicants who need additional assistance may contact the Graduate School.

Pre-Service Programs (leading to initial certification)

In-Service Programs (for certified teachers)

Educational Studies

Last Updated: 1/30/17