Pre-Education Advising at Binghamton

Realize your potential to become a great teacher! Binghamton University prepares first-rate educators equipped to take on the exciting brave new world of teaching in the 21st century. School districts are hiring; teachers and school leaders are again in demand. Plus, there are special perks for Binghamton University undergraduates who matriculate into the Graduate School of Education (GSE).

The Pre-Education Advising Office assists students interested in seeking entry into the education profession. Services include curricular pre-advising, presenting special programs, helping you navigate the teacher certification process and general advising about Binghamton University's Graduate School of Education programs and related requirements.

If you're considering a career in education or a related field, you might expect to major in a content area (English, math, Romance languages, science, social studies). You can also pursue a non-traditional major as your path to an education career as long as you possess a solid background in key liberal arts and sciences areas.

The Pre-Education Advising Office can assist you with course selection, and suggest additional opportunities for financial assistance, additional certifications, community involvement and more. Our office specializes in helping you understand the processes related to submitting a competitive application to be considered for admission to one of our programs. We know what it takes to be accepted into our graduate programs, and we can help you map an appropriate course of study and extracurricular activities.

If you're considering a teaching or leadership career in any of these fields, our Pre-Education Advising Office will take the guesswork out of pursuing advanced studies. Regardless of your educational background, you can best use your time as an undergraduate to prepare for your chosen career. And don't forget to check out our Undergraduate Education Minor!

GSE offers initial teacher certification (your first teaching certificate) in these areas of study:
Childhood & Early Childhood Education [MSEd]
Adolescence English Education [MAT]
Adolescence Mathematics Education [MAT]
Adolescence Romance Languages Education (French, Spanish) [MAT]
• Adolescence Science Education (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics) [MAT]
Adolescence Social Studies Education [MAT]

If you're interested in a master's degree without initial teacher certification, check out our MS Educational Studies program.

We also offer professional certification programs for in-service teachers who became initially certified during their undergraduate years. If you know of someone who may be interested in these professional degrees for already-certified teachers, share information about our in-service programs here.

Finally, our Educational Leadership Program [CAS] prepares effective school leaders at the building and district levels.

In addition to individual advising sessions, the Pre-Education Advising Office organizes
• alumni panels
• discussions and workshops
• group information sessions
• application and interview preparation
• knowledge regarding teacher certification and how to become a New York state-licensed teacher

Find the Pre-Education Advising Office in Academic B, Room 133A. Look for Tami Mann between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. or contact her via email or at 607-777-5322. During peak advising times, you may need an appointment. Expect 15-20 minutes duration per advisement session.

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Last Updated: 11/17/16